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CJB’s Surf Company have announced that they are the new UK/Eire distributor for Surf Ears® and are excited to bring the product to the UK and Irish market place.


Surf Ears® is a revolutionary new product developed by a team of professional product designers and dedicated surfers from Sweden. Surf Ears® have recognised the significant importance of creating an earplug that not only protects ears from cold wind, water and bacteria but that allows sound to penetrate and subsequently maximises your ability to balance, essential for water and board sports. Many of the earplugs on the market mean you have to sacrifice the ability to hear and as a result a huge number of surfers refuse to wear earplugs all together, even at the risk of developing exostosis (also known as “surfer’s ear”).


Surfer’s ear occurs from exposure to cold winds and water and causes the bone surrounding the ear canal to distort and develop abnormal growths which narrow and constrict the ear canal; this can develop into recurring ear infections or worse, a hearing deficiency.


Surf Ears® have been designed to keep the water out but let sound in, allowing you to stay connected to the environment while protecting yourself against surfer’s ear.






Fixation Wing

  • Keeps plug in safe
  • 2 x sizes for custom fit.


Acoustic Mesh

  • Maximises hearing and balance
  • Protects ear from water, cold air, dirt & bacteria. Non-stick hydrophobic coating



  • Boosts acoustic performance


Sealing Gel

  • Seals ear canal. Fixation and comfort. 3 sizes for custom fit


RRP: £36.99


For more information please contact:



Tel: 01208 78845

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maui surf report 2014-12-21 17:50:00

Clean head high lines from the old swell. Nothing yet from the new.

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12 21 14 morning call

4am main swell buoy readings:


5.2ft @ 19s from 286° (WNW)
4.7ft @ 9s from 127° (ESE)
4.4ft @ 12s from 309° (WNW)
3.5ft @ 12s from 313° (NW)
1.5ft @ 20s from 305° (WNW)
1.4ft @ 5s from 45° (NE)
1.4ft @ 9s from 356° (N)

Maui north shore (indicative of what's in the water on Maui's north shore)

5.4ft @ 9s from 77° (ENE)
3.3ft @ 12s from 336° (NNW)
1.7ft @ 5s from 78° (ENE)

West lanai Maui north shore (indicative of what's in the water on Maui's south shore)
1.7ft @ 15s from 202° (SSW)

1.3ft @ 9s from 192° (SSW)
1.1ft @ 8s from 182° (S)
1.1ft @ 12s from 256° (WSW)
It's all about the buoys today. Read the measurements above, before reading below, please.
Below is the graph of the NW one that shows how the new swell started to pick up during last night (dark blue line).

20s travel fast, so we actually can see something already at the Waimea buoy (light blue line in the graph below).

I'm gonna use the graph above to show you why you should not check the buoys on the NOAA websites, which readings I report below. There are no sign of anything with period longer than 13s, so if you only look at that, you would think the swell is not even in the water.

The reason is that the table below only reports ONE swell. It's a little bit like checking the wave forecast on windguru: one ONE swell is reported, the one with the biggest size, regardless of the period.
Somewhere on the NOAA website though, there's the info of the energy distribution per period and what Surfline does (and plenty other websites, I'm sure), is that they analize that information and break it down per single swell.
No go back quickly at the waimea graph above.
See the black thick line? That's the (only) size you would gather by reading the NOAA readings.
Look how much smaller the 20s swell is compared to that.
In other words, the NOAA way of presenting the buoy readings CAN be extremely misleading.
I say CAN, because it's not always like that. When there's only one swell in the water or when one is WAY bigger than the other ones, then the NOAA reading can be ok.
This might happen tomorrow for example, when this big swell will have completely filled in.

Smarty pants they call me... smarty pants I feel.
As a matter of fact, I'm not even done.
Let's look at the directions now: 286 at the NW, 305 at the Waimea, nothing still at the Maui buoy.
But directions like that get "influenced" greatly by Molokai and all the other upstream islands.
The influence depends on the period. As I was saying a couple of days ago, the longer the period, the more the waves have the ability of refracting.
But while Pipeline was an example of concave refraction in which the energy of the wave gets focused on a shallow spot in front of it, wrapping around a point of land is an example of convex refraction and the energy of the wave gets defocused and spreads (wraps) around the point.
That's why point breaks are usually fun, wally but not too powerful waves (don't be fooled by waves like honolua, because yes it is a point break, but it also has reef underneath it's both a point and reef break!).

All this to say that:
- yes, we are going to see waves from this swell in Maui, but for sure they are not going to be as powerful as they will be in Kauai
- in the morning there will be absolutely no waves from this swell in Maui. It's more like an afternoon thing and the more east you go on the north shore, the better the size
- the direction will be quite west, but there is no chance that we're gonna see 286 at the maui buoy. That would mean that someone is generating waves outside the Kahului harbor! :)
- there is a chance of waves in Kihei/Wailea. I'm definitely not an expert of this coast, but I know that westerly swells can hit there.

The other relevant thing to say about today is the beautiful lack of wind of any kind all day.
Check the wind map below. One high is about to replace the other. In the meantime today it's calm, but as soon as the front between the two highs hits, the wind will turn northerly and stay like that for a week! And I don't need to say how bad that is for the waves on the north shore. So save some money for the gas, there will be some driving to be done next week.
Thanks for reading all this. Please make an effort to spread the word about this blog at the beach, because I'll only do this this winter if I don't see the numbers of readers growing. Thanks.

Have fun in the sun everyone!

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maui surf report 2014-12-21 00:35:00

1.30 and, as predicted, too many surfers in the water for the windsurfers to go out. Theres 2 at lanes. I surfed 2h ans sailed 1h. I can go to work.

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Burner one handed – Steven van Broeckhoven

Perfect Burner by the new Freestyle Worldchampion Steven van Broeckhoven during the supersession at the 2011 PWA Fuerteventura Worldcup.

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Lines in the dark

There's still overhead sets, but not that frequent. Wonna be the first one in the water, because it is going to get crowded today. No wind at the moment.

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12 20 14 morning call

4am main swell buoy readings:

Maui north shore (indicative of what's in the water on Maui's north shore)
6.2ft @ 13s from 334° (NNW)

5.8ft @ 9s from 69° (ENE)
2.9ft @ 4s from 79° (ENE)

West lanai Maui north shore (indicative of what's in the water on Maui's south shore)

2.4ft @ 13s from 290° (WNW)
1.2ft @ 16s from 220° (SW)



1ft @ 5s from 165° (SSE)

6f 13s IS my favorite size to surf one of favorite spots and you can be sure I won't miss that opportunity if the visual observation will confirm that.
Sorry I need to be more precise: 6f 13s on a declining swell (would not be out there on a increasing one). And the swell is declining, as the NW buoy graph clearly shows below.

This is the graph of the maui buoy instead. You can see how it started to decline during the night, while it was pumping all day yesterday.

Since I got the compliments for a good call from one of the Hookipa windsurfing photographers, I'm gonna try to call the wind again. Below is the wind map (at 6am).
I circled the fetch NW of us that is still producing the big swell that will hit on sunday/Monday.
I also circled the circulation of the air around the high pressure cell that is moving east and I tried to drew an arrow with the wind direction of today.
Hopefully you can see that it's ESE.
I then did a zig-zag scratch on the area of light wind that will delight us tomorrow with some epic surfing conditions that unfortunately are only going to last one day, before the winds will turn north.

One more map for the windsurfers/kiters. MC2KM at 1pm shows how offshore the wind will be.
Looks like windsurfing might not happen at all down the coast and considering that the waves will be a lot smaller than yesterday, I'm not even sure it will happen at Hookipa!
The surfing will be clean (well... maui clean!) all day and it's a Saturday, so the 10 man rule might keep the windkooks out of the water! I work at 2, I'll try to post pics from the beach to update you guys of that situation.

Wait, one more!
See those 1.2ft @ 16s from 220° on the Lanai buoy? That means there's small waves on the south shore (you can judge the size by yourself on the lahaina fish company webcam when the sun will be out) and below is the map of the southern pacific of 7 days ago that show a nice fetch just east of New Zealand that generated them.

Have fun in the sun everyone!

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Air Skopu 900° – Yentel Caers

Yentel Caers sent us this very nice Air Skopu 900°.

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OES Epoxy surfboards

New OES Shortboards surfboards
Epoxy/ ESP/ S glass
6’5” x 19”x 34.1 L x 2.3 kg
6’1”x 20.5” x34.7L x 2.3kg

surfboards dec 14 002surfboards dec 14 003

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Super Sale Saturday

If you don’t know exactly what new board you want to see under the Christmas tree, the 3S range would cover you for just about anything. There is still time…… get one right here: Buy Tabou 3S Now! Any size, any construction is ready for you in either 2015 or some deals on 2014 models!


Arguably one of the best all-round boards on the market, the 3S just gets better and better.The key word to describe these boards is “EASY”. The boards just do what you want them to do; you don’t have to work hard to make them turn, they know how to do it. They jump onto the plane with ease and rocket to the moon on the jumps. One board … do what you want!


Which construction to buy? If you can afford the LTD version, don’t question it. You get a lighter stiffer more responsive board. It will accelerate onto a plane more quickly, drive through lulls and give you that extra bit of boost to your jumps! The “standard” or “CED” construction is a perfect blend of performance oriented materials that give you a great product, just a bit heavier than it’s more expensive sibling!



The S3 is what I like to call the NO BRAINER Board! You step on it, it starts going. You think about turning and it is ready to do as you say. It planes early and easily, it jumps, it turns, it goes fast it can ride waves. It is your best friend when the conditions get funky. For anyone looking to have FUN on any water condition, this range of boards is hard to beat.


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