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National Watersports Festival, Moo

There’s millions of reasons to visit the National Watersports Festival one of them is to check out the NWF Moo Custom we had the honour of building for the event main man Allan Cross. Full Carbon Single/Thruster with a power box single fin bias, 229cm X 64.5cm 102l 6.2kg, finished in heavy sanded black lacquer over carbon with a graphic by Geoff Hautman. Sporting a set of Maui Ultra Fins.

IMG_0943 IMG_0945 IMG_0948IMG_0939

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Sarah-Quita Crowned 2015 World Champion

On the final day of the 2015 Fuerteventura Windsurfing World Cup, Team Pryde's Sarah-Quita Offringa continued to sail at her imperious best to be crowned the 2015 PWA Freestyle World Champion. This is the Aruban gem's 8th successive world title — an amazing feat by anyone's standards.

The usual suspects of the past five days appeared in the last winners’ final of the event as Oda Johanne again lined up against Sarah-Quita Offringa. The now eight-time world champion already had the 2015 world title wrapped up, but as always delivered a flawless performance consisting of a floaty shaka and a rapid air flaka before also rotating through a sick culo, burner and a regular kono to show off her latest power moves repertoire. The Queen of freestyle also attempted a spock culo, but couldn’t pull it off on this occasion. Her Norwegian opponent also sailed well as she landed a great shaka 360, planing flaka and came agonisingly close to stomping a burner. However, there was nothing Johanne could do to prevent Offringa from claiming another emphatic victory.

Congratulations Sarah-Quita!

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The Ever Entertaining, Joey Sanchez

We caught up with Joey Sanchez just before the start of this year’s SoloSports San Carlos Desert Showdown. Check out the video below, and see what Joey has to say about competing on the AWT. After spending a couple of seasons in the Amateur division, how did you prepare in the closed season for the […]

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PWA Fuerte – Dieter van Der Eyken and Sarah-Quita Victorious

After a slow start the final day of freestyle competition got underway with the second round of the mens double elimination. Lighter winds saw several technical and close heats pass until the third round where the local effect truly kicked in to provide ideal 4.4 conditions for the riders. The talk of the morning was […]

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How to install the windsurfing footstraps

Footstraps: plane better with the right setup | Photo: Carter/PWA

Footstraps are a key accessory for windsurfers wishing to step into intermediate and advanced sailing grounds. If you're looking for speed, fast jibes, and powerful jumps, then you need to know how to adjust them.

Learning how to set up your footstraps is learning how to control your windsurf board in relation to the wind. Footwork is a constant variable in windsurfing, especially when the wind picks up and you need an immediate response.

Footstraps are essential gear as you start to steer the board more with your feet and less with the sail, in order to complete tricks and to accelerate in open water. So, if you've mastered the art of planing, hooked in the harness, then you're ready for the footwork studies.

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2016 Wave & Freestyle
With our 2016 Starboard Wave & Freestyle Range, we are proud to introduce both classic and revolutionary designs for you to have fun on the water. We hope you’ll enjoy discovering our 2016 boards and what makes them the most advanced, highest performance wave and freestyle boards.

All-new Kode Waves will have you going faster, jumping higher and surfing with more control. The classic Quads will make you aspire to turn like their designer Scott McKercher, with the most connected feeling to the wave. And the new, revolutionary Reactors with their unparalleled reactivity will open your eyes to another world and enable you to draw new lines in all conditions.

The all-new Kode FreeWaves also see their wave performance improve without losing the speed they’re famous for and a new, bigger Kode 109 is introduced for lighter days or heavier riders.

The new Flares have been refined by the world’s best freestyle team while keeping recreational freestylers in mind. They will pop with ease while being fast and reactive, allowing to do your first spocks or reach the next level with clean, high conos and culos.

Welcome to 2016. See you on the other side.

2016 Quad: Instant grip, connection and drive.
The classic Scott McKercher design will bring a combination of speed, flow and power to your surfing for the most connected sensation to the wave. They produce powerful yet smooth turns when driven off the rails. Last year, the Quads under went subtle changes producing significant improvements in performance. Vee was brought forward of the fins to facilitate cutbacks. More outline curve was added between the straps for some models to allow for quicker and more vertical turns.


Available in Carbon and Wood Reflex. Custom-made blue on blue painted graphics for an unique look.

2016 Kode Wave: All-new Koster Kode.
The all-new Kode Wave will take jumps and waveriding to the airs, whether you are starting out in the waves or already have a few PWA World Champion titles like Philip Koster or the Morenos. The new 2016 Kode Waves are now more consistent across the range, with the Vee brought further back into the mono-concave for a smoother initiation of the bottom turn and rail-to-rail transfers. Rails and rockers have also been refined for speed and maneuverability and the sizing denominations have been adjusted.


Available in Carbon and Wood Reflex. Painted red and orange custom graphics that really stand out on the water.

2016 Reactor: A step forward in waveboard evolution.
The Reactor will create drive through turns, redirect immediately when hitting the lip, boost airs easily and fit into tighter pockets. It enables riders of all levels to access more radical surfing. Short length, nose width, relatively flat rocker, swallow tail and a quad fin setup provide unparalleled reactivity in all wind and wave conditions.


Available in Carbon and Wood Reflex.

2016 Kode FreeWave: All-new for a broad range of conditions.
The new Kode FreeWave is the fast and versatile board for flat water, chop or waves. The new rocker, thin rails and thruster setup come together to boost the board’s wave performance without sacrifices on top speed and traction. A new Kode 109 is available for bigger riders and light wind days. All Kode FreeWave are delivered with a thruster setup. The bigger models also come with a single fin and plugs.


Available in Carbon, Wood Reflex and Technora Reflex. Red and orange custom paint graphics for high visibility on the water.

2016 Flare: New Flares 93 and 103.
Designed, tested and refined by the world’s best freestyle team. They’re pure freestyle boards that pop easily and respond instantaneously. They’re fast, compact, reactive and light in both sliding and aerial maneuvers. The new 2016 Flares have a thicker tail, with slightly softer rails in the front which allows them to be more comfortable and forgiving, without sacrificing speed. They are also shorter and wider. Compact, balanced and reactive. Comes with a new Powerbox and the Drake Ready to Freestyle fins by Taty Frans.


Available in Carbon Reflex. Painted green on green custom graphics that really stand out on the water.

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2016 SimmerStyle Official Product Video

The official 2016 product video for SimmerStyle is out and ready for your viewing pleasure. Check out all the latest toys in this great clip from Hookipa, Maui, including all the top names within the team.

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Team Tabou/Gaastra in Fuerte

With one day left of competition the Tabou/Gaastra team have it all to play for as the podium places are all up for grabs. Team Manager Jamie Hancock has been on the scene to capture some footage of the guys in action and has pieced this clip together. Let’s see what the final day will […]

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Kornum and Jamaer on the Podium at the Volvo Surf Cup

The 2015 Volvo Surf Cup wrapped up in Sylt on Sunday with great conditions, more than 90 starters from 17 counties, and over 120,000 visitors in total.

Team Pryde's Sebastian Kornum performed well at the IFCA Slalom World Cup, finishing second, behind local boy Vincent Langer.

"I am proud of one more podium finish at a World Championship this year," said Kornum. "In April I got 3rd place at the Formula Worlds and now, Slalom Vice World Champion! Honestly I was not expecting it, and I was quite relaxed when I arrived at the venue. One week ahead of the Championships I had lots of fun wave sailing with friends at home, and I think it simply reduced my nerves in a good way.

"I am also proud that I proved that smaller guys like me (78 kg), can battle with the big boys. My EVO sails had such great acceleration after the gybes, and that was really key in the finals. I knew from first race that it was possible to overtake others after gybes in case I had a bad start. In wavy conditions like Sylt it is also great to have sails that are easy to sail."

In the wave competition, Team Pryde's Leon Jamer battled through tough conditions against North Sea expert, Klaas Voget, to take second place. Leon now has two 1st finishes, a 2nd and a 4th (as discard) in the German series which was enough to claim the title of "Deutscher Meister" for this year.

Jamaer explained: "We had pretty challenging conditions with light onshore wind and a tough shorebreak. I was happy with how I sailed the whole day but in the final I met North Sea expert Klaas Voget who got the edge on me with a 2:1 judges decision. I beat him earlier that year in similar kind of conditions during the Rollei Summer Opening so I think he was hungry for revenge."

Congratulations to Leon and Sebastian and all the other competitors and organisers on a very successful event!

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PWA Fuerteventura Gran Slam – Day 4

A day to savor for Amado Vrieswijk as Dieter van......

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