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Gran Canaria Grand Slam Day 7

Men´s Wave Double Elimination
Windsurfing doesn´t get any better than this, Pozo was firing with mental 3.3 conditions and a solid swell. The competitors where writing history out there today. First out of the Simmer fleet was Junko Nagoshi J-11, with excellent wave selection and vertical top turns, Junko set the level high in her heat against Karin Jaggi Z-14.

Pozo local José Remero E-45  sure turned some heads today, at only 18 he already has a natural fluent style, relentlessly making his way through the the elimination ladder. We will be hearing more about this young Spanish ripper.

Next out in the semi-final was Dario Ojeda E-211 against Ricardo Campello V-111. Ojeda wasted no time, opening the heat with a massive backloop over the horizon which Campello answered with a high stalled double forward. You don´t get much more action than this heat.

Jonas Ceballos E-40 was next out to take on Campello, opening the heat with a massive stalled forward. This is real Pozo action with both competitors boosting high above the horizon, well over 40 feet into the air. Stalling about six seconds before executing their rotations. Both sailor putting a lifetime of performance.

Mens Wave
1. Philip Köster G-44
2. Victor Fernandez E-42
3. Ricardo Campello V-111
4. Jonas Ceballos E-40
5. Dario Ojeda E-211

Womans Wave
1.  Daida Ruano Moreno E-64
2. Iballa  Ruano Moreno  E-63
3. Karin Jaggi Z-14
4.  Nayra Alonso E-4
5. Junko Nagoshi  J-11