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Mattia Pedrani – Ironman on a mission

Introducing Simmer Style´s
new heavyweight freestyler straight outa 464 Lake Garda Mattia Pedrani (I-00) is
coming at ya´ with a fresh take on freestyle and how the game is s´posed to be played.

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Also check out Mattia on
the cover of the latest issue of  Funboard Italy (below)!

Simmer Style team
rider / team captain Kai Katchadourian on Mattia

out our new stone cold killer Mattia Predrani I-00!

the freshness back to Garda, Mattia is on the "S" squad and you best
run for cover when he is around, he will rain down moves you don't even know
how to spell and he can bust moves so clean you wake up refreshed like it was
some dream.
aboard Mattia, and we got your back homie!!


What are your plans
for the coming year for competition and freesailing?

Well, ideally the plan
for 2009 would be getting to top 10
the PWA Freestyle ranking and then winning every
single tour stop of the Italian championships again. I might do a little bit of
waves as well, depending on the conditions/logistics and so on. This year I got
13th in the PWA freestyle ranking which is not too far from top 10 and so I
think it should be doable. The level in the world is just mind blowing and
every single day that goes by, the athletes are pushing the sport to new
levels. I'm not only talking about top 5...every single heat starting from
round 1 can be a semi-final... you got to step your game up!! As far as free-sailing
goes, I'm going to stick around the lake this whole winter, studying and
training a little bit in the freezing cold weather of my beloved 464 (Lake
Garda). I'm getting kind of bored of the technical freestyle stuff and will
focus more on busting more radical moves like burner variations and different
aerial combinations to spice the game up a bit. With the new PWA format running
now, we need to make the show as radical as it can get!! I'll try my hardest to
keep improving, keep representing and keep windsurfing anytime and anywhere I

What is your take on
the all new Iron sail from Simmer Style?

Being one of the heaviest freestyler / wave
sailors  in the game, my 92kg need some
power to get moving around. I really felt great right away when I tried my 5.0
IRON for the first time in the lagoon of Babaomby beach in Madagascar. The
sail is extremely easy to handle and really maneuverable
, but still packs
good power, making it perfect for side/onshore wave conditions and also strong
wind freestyle. I was really stoked about the short boom length, which
drastically improves reactivity and feel. You guys should have called it the