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Simmer Power!!

Simmer power is dominating after the first round of "Circuito Italiano Freestyle".

#1  Pedrani (Simmer Starboard)
#2  Bestetti (RRD RRD)
#3  Lorioli (Simmer RRD)

The riders below all finished in the top 20´s:

Pedrani Mattia (Simmer/Starboard)
Roby Smart (Simmer/Rrd)
Lorioli Stefano (Simmer/Rrd)
Testa Matteo (Severne/Starboard)
Testa Jacopo (Simmer/Starboard
Manuel Poli (Simmer/Tabou)
Fabrizi Mattia (Simmer/Starboard)
Vinante Fabio (Simmer/Starboard)
Vinante Marco (Severne/Starboard)
Matteo Romeo (Simmer/Starboard)

Pics: Mattia Pedrani I-00