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Speed – Flow – Power

Wise words of Ozzy windsurfer Scotty McKercher. These 3 ingredients ‘Speed, flow and power’ totally guide me through my moves. Whether it is a jump, a wave ride or anything else to perform. Without the speed you are no where to continue your motions. The flow means to me; to go with what ever the wave or the moment allows you to do. The power is your personal power, your strength and the will power to go for it a 100%. This bottom turn (see pic) felt good. I remember ‘laying it down’ and I recognized myself getting my ‘groove back’. Good feelings, and good times. For sure a day to remember: Great waves, good solid winds, amped sailors (preparing for Jaws that will brake tomorrow!), big smiles and Dan watching me sail and taking this picture!

- Anne-Marie Reichman H-98

My toys of joy today were:

Simmer Sail Mission X (4.2)
Starboard Kode ’68.
DaKine 'chick' harness 2010