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Ferran Crespo wins the 2012 New Zealand Wave Sailing Nationals

Ferran Crespo: Spanish fury in Kiwi land

Ferran Crespo has won the 2012 New Zealand Wave Sailing Nationals, in clean and glassy mast high waves, in Taranaki. This year's event saw one of the best collections of wavesailing talent, including Taranaki guru James Dinnis coming out of retirement for his first wave event in twenty years.

The Pungarehu overlook was busy early, with Taranaki’s local Spanish import Ferran Crespo ("El Torito Rojo") and Austrian interloper Stefan, on the water, well before 8 am.

With 15 minute heats and with the best two waves counting, everyone was pumped with the pristine weather conditions. Crazily enough the wind increased well over and above the forecast maximum of 12–15 knots and went from being comfortable with a 5.3 m sail to a level where a 4.5 m would have been a lot better.

This caused a flurry of re-rigging from some sailors, only to have the wind drop just before the start of the first heat, forcing some to re-rig yet again.