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Forget the Bucket List Here’s the Badger List!

Set is the key word. There are still some great videos out there, in DVD and digital format but there are often quite a few gaps. Windsurfing doesn’t begin with the Carve gybe, nor does it begin with planing. There is much more to it and I wanted to try and put the same focus into teaching the beginning of windsurfing as into teaching higher levels. By having it online and easy to access it will hopefully open it up to as many people as possible from total beginner, to instructor, to someone who is looking for what to learn next. But rather than talk too much about what’s coming I’ll tell you a little of the location I filmed it in. If I had a second home town Bitez/Ortakent would be it, and from a windsurfing point of view it was fundamental in getting me to where I am now. On a holiday in 1998 was the first time I got in the footstraps just outside Bitez bay and was also the first place I got a job as an overseas instructor in 2003. It was where I did my “first” of many of the moves in this set of videos. I worked for 5 years in this area and its hard to beat as a place that caters for every level of windsurfer. I’ll leave you with a little taste of whats to come and what Neilson Ortakent was like. Massive thanks to Life Cinematic for filming and production and also to Neilson holidays for getting us there and looking after us all the way through. Without both UK and Overseas staff none of this would have been possible. The full tuition set of the Badger List is coming soon. Beginner Windsurfing- Freestyle and SUP tuition online for free at