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Motocross and Windsurfing with Jason Polakow

Not satisfied with the challenge that windsurfing some of the biggest waves on the planet provides, Jason Polakow also engages in a number of other extreme sports.

"I have been "cross-training" for many years now and I find it helps me on so many levels. I take part in other extreme sports like super cross, heli-boarding and tow surfing which keeps my mind active and aware. I find they help with mental and physical preparation for what my true passion is—chasing down and riding some of the biggest waves on the planet. One of my favourite alternative sports to do is motocross. Since a young kid I have been racing motocross bikes and it’s now a part of me. It was a hard decision to engage in such a dangerous sport and jeopardise my windsurfing but, for me, the reward far outweighs the risk."

Check out the latest clip from JP Chronicles.

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