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Chinook Pro1 Aluminum Boom Windsurfing Gear Review

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Product Overview

Chinook has been designing and manufacturing innovative parts for windsurfing for 20 years. The Chinook one-piece fin/mast box and the clamp-on boom head are just a few of the original designs that have advanced windsurfing to where it is today. Chinook takes pride in USA design and manufacturing. This enables us to offer the best designed, best built products available.

The Chinook Pro1 Aluminum Boom is one of the greatest Aluminum performers out there it’s outrageously stiff and light. You will notice that your sailing has improved as soon as you start using it! Chinook put it all into these top end aluminum booms.

You might not usually think of a boom as a performance enhancing piece of windsurfing gear. Rather, you may view your boom as just creating a solid skeleton for your sail, but the shape of this boom affects sail handling in a very nice way. The articulation is as smooth as it gets, and there’s just barely enough flex in the head to dampen chop, and the boom head is very easy to use and feels plenty solid without having to crank it shut.

Chinook Pro1 Aluminum BoomPro 1 Alloy booms have exceptional torsional rigidity and fit both standard and reduced diameter masts perfectly. The front end is awesome, and the boom is light stiff and very FRIENDLY to use very simple and sturdy.  They also added absolute length markings on a generous 62cm tail-piece to aid with rigging your sail properly. The tail piece on this boom is really something special. It is a lot wider than most and has the clamcleat part molded to it, which looks really nice and is stronger than other solutions we have used.

This boom offers a very smooth clamping system which attaches directly to RDMs without a shim (there’s a shim built into the head which can be removed for SDMs). And it’s also very easy to adjust the tightness for different masts.

For both tacking, and sail flips in the jibes the Chinook Pro1 Aluminum Boom has a very comfortable, controlled feel with very little stress to your wrists, hands, and posture due to the straighter and wider monocoque front end, which allows the Chinook Pro1 Aluminum Boom to carry most of the stresses. And the rounded curve of the 135, 150 and 165 models makes hand transitions during jibes, tacks, and the most advanced freestyle moves feel natural with a grip diameter of 29mm.

Besides the monocoque body, the Chinook Pro1 Aluminum Boom features a fully articulating head, absolute length markings, easy to use adjustment collars, positive snap-in skinny adapter, modern bend curve, and is made from a custom alloy.

The two larger Race sizes (185 and 225) include an oversized forged tail for added stiffness, 2-pin adjustment collars, and three pulleys in the outhaul block for in-flight outhaul system compatibility. Also, the grip diameter tapers down in the critical grip area,: back end- 33mm tapered to 29mm.

We highly recommend the Chinook Pro1 Aluminum Boom! Try it – you won’t be disappointed!

Buy now (From $231)

Key Features:

  • Outstanding torsional rigidity and stiffness
  • One piece aluminum arm
  • New school modern bend curve
  • Monocoque body
  • Custom alloy
  • Easy to use adjustment collars
  • Good boom head
    Absolute length markings in the extension
  • Long adjustment range (62cm) – will fit many sails
  • The boom clamp is over 12cm long on the mast – this gives a very solid connection and minimizes point loading
  • Easy snap-on skinny adaptor for use with RDM masts
  • Absolute boom length markings on a blue anodized
  • Wider tail piece
  • Effortless “loop-n-go” attachment from tail piece to the clew of sail
  • Foam filled tubing keeps water out


Size Chart:

Chinook Pro1 Aluminum Boom size chart

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