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2014 Ezzy Lion Sail Windsurfing Gear Review

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Product Overview

David Ezzy started making his custom windsurfing sails that were renowned for strength and power on Maui in 1983. Today, Ezzy sails are made in a 20,000 square foot, state-of-the art factory in Sri Lanka. Ezzy Sails has expanded through word of mouth to windsurfers worldwide because of the high quality standards that name Ezzy stands for.

2014 Ezzy LionThe Ezzy Lion is inspired by 8-time world champion Kevin Pritchard, and it’s the best cambered freeride sail out there.

This Freeride / Freerace camber induced sail is powerful, light weight and incredibly strong. For 2014 Ezzy added a new panel layout to improve load paths on the sail surface. The new 5 mil polyester X-film that was added in the upper sections are designed to minimize stretch and reduce weight. Also, the Lion’s twist in the head batten has been reduced, producing “Function Twist”. As a result, the Lion feels “crisper” and goes to upwind extremely well.

The Lion now has a calibrated downhaul system for both Ezzy masts and non-Ezzy masts. The 2 cam system is fully customizable to fit any standard diameter mast and any RDM system.
The Ezzy Lion is light, making jibes snappier and more consistent. The Ezzy Lion also has a narrow mast sleeve that won’t weigh you down with water, making it easy to waterstart and uphaul.

And of course, like every Ezzy sail, each Lion is rigged and tuned in the factory so that it is ready for you right out of the bag.
Buy now (From $744.95)


Key Features:

  • Twin cams provide great light wind power and high wind control.
  • Narrow mast sleeve doesn’t fill with water, making water starts easy.
  • Bullet-proof construction. No monofilm. RBS epoxy battens are stronger and stiffer than vinyl-ester battens.
  • Materials include: Technora, Tri-Lite scrim, Spectra X Film, red 5 mil X Film and Weft-Stop sleeve.
  • Profiled panels produce a molded shape that locks the draft in the sail.
  • 6-7 RBS epoxy batten profile
  • 2-cams · Ezzy cam system – will fit any RDM or SDM mast made in the past 20 years.
  • Calibrated rigging system for all mast type: The guide gives precise tuning for better performance.
  • Adjustable top-haul strap, built in mast pad and S.S Tack Pulley.
  • Every Ezzy sail is rigged and tuned before being shipped.


Size Chart:

Ezzy Lion Sail Windsurfing Gear Review

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