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European Championships 2014

Biggest highlight of the week had to be the final race, conditions were 25+ knots, everybody on the edge the whole race, the bare away at the top mark was also pretty epic.. you have so much power and as you bare away and release the outhaul suddenly the whole board accelerates like a rocket! People where wiping out all the time and the race was just so intense! 


Another big memory was watching my friend crash head on with another guy, both full speed absolutely lit on a broad reach! The noise was like a gunshot! that noise of Carbon breaking is pretty unforgettable,  Thankfully no one got badly hurt and I think they both finished the race! 


I made the gold fleet, finshed 26th overall from 81. It was pretty inspiring to be racing again with the top guys, the level is so high at the moment and I cant wait now that university is over to put 100% focus in the Olympic team and see where things end up!  



Big congratulations to my sister Imogen who finsihed 6th in the Youth class! Also a massive thanks to my mum and other sister Saskia who came out for a little holiday and some Cornish support :D! Saskia is currently recovering from illness and so couldnt go on the water unfortunately! 


Wish everyone a summer of great windsurfing