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Luke’s Orty Postcard Part 2

Town (Bodrum) is bustling, the bars are busy and the local beaches are alive too. For us in resort things are busy too, most lessons are full of people. I really enjoy teaching large groups, the scope for fun games and laughs is greater. The wind is here in full force as well and this is something that myself and the full crew here have been making the most of!

The mornings are, as ever, light. A great time to get out enjoying the SUPs here, something we have certanly been doing (new sport by the way – SUP rounders!)


Its the afternoons here that really are the best, I have been out on the full Bolt range, from full power 4m Bolt freestlye to chilled out freeride on the larger sizes and everything inbetween. 

luke 1

I personally am hoping that a slightly later start to the wind this year will result in a much later finish for it this year. Either way i’m very much looking forward to the next Sam Ross clinic on the 15th of September and am sure the wind will still be full power then!

Anyway thats it from me, hope to see you here soon, i’ll be enjoying the sun, wind, fantastic Turkish people and cuisine until then!