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Streamlined Twist on One Bolt Tendon Uni Product Review

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Product Overview

Team Pritchard has used these Streamlined Twist on One Bolt Tendon Uni mast bases for more than 2 decades. Both Kevin and Matt, as well as, many other world-class windsurfers have used these in competitions because of their strength and overall durability.

Streamlined Twist on One Bolt Tendon Uni - Pritchard WindsurfingStreamlined Windsurfing was established in 1982 by David Dominy to design and produce high performance windsurfing components. Streamlined Windsurfing manufactures everything in the USA and imposes high standards of quality and workmanship, using the best materials.

When he started, Dave’s first design was the first ‘Tendon’ universal joint. Since then his design has been the industry standard, with many other windsurfing gear manufacturers imitating it regularly. Performance and durability are the top priorities of Streamlined Corporation.

To this day, the ‘Streamlined Tendon’ has been the strongest and best performing of all of their products. Streamlined loves windsurfing just as much as we do and they aim to enhance your windsurfing experience.

The “twist-on” board attachment system on the Streamlined Twist on One Bolt Tendon Uni allows you to attach, adjust and remove it by hand. It is low profile, has a low bend point and is free rotating above and below the Streamlined joint. The joint has a 4 line safety that helps get you back without damaging your board.

If you want the best, look no further. This is Pro Tested and recommended!


Buy now (From $73.95)


Key Features:

  • Attach, adjust and remove it by hand
  • Low Profile
  • Low bend point
  • Free rotating
  • 4 line safety
  • Virtually break proof strength

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