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Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge

This week we are stoked to officially announce it as Dunkerbeck Week here on Boardseeker. Over the next seven days we will have several features with the 41 times World Champion. Speed challenges to retirement and his 30th year on tour to his top tips on how to go pro in the public eye, there […]

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Event Of The Year

Down the line wave sailing in Victoria, Southern Australia, has made this perhaps the event of the year so far. You might be shouting at the screen “RBSC, RBSC, RBSC” but when it comes down to it, which one would 99% of us prefer to compete in. Incredibly well organised, great conditions and an awesome […]

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Warsaw, Poland

Check out the latest updates on PAGE 7 – CLICK HERE. Or read the feature through and enjoy the developments as they happen. Stay tuned. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Once again windsurfing media will be flooded with scenes of the ever exciting indoor windsurfing. Slalom, freestyle or jump, it doesn’t matter what you are in to because this […]

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The Journey to England

It’s been one of the longest on-forecast events in the history of our sport. Almost failing on the first hurdle, the Red Bull Storm Chase very nearly missed out on the perfect storm they were looking for to launch this latest edition of their storm chase series. The fact of the matter is, they got […]

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St Barth Fun Cup’14 – Antoine and Delphine take the Cup home.

The St Barth Fun Cup 2014 took place from January 31st to February 2nd in St Barth,a French Antilles Island located in the Caribbean, and home spot to Antoine Questel, who doubled as event organizer and competitor. The event counted with many top PWA riders mixing with local amateurs and competitors arriving from nearby islands; Björn Dunkerbeck, Taty Frans, Pierre Mortefon, and Loft Sails Team Alexandre Cousin, Tristan Algret, Delphine Cousin and Antoine Questel were all eager to test the waters and new gear in one of the first competitions of the year. With winds scoring between 14 – 18 knots and three long races (15 km) per day in the program it was 8.6 – 7.8 conditions for the pros and mainly medium boards due to the swells out to sea. A motor boat blasting down the start line provided exiting starts with many riders jumping or crashing during the race start.

Antoine winner of the St Barth Fun Cup 2014

Antoine crossing the finish line

Despite a broken U-joint in the first race of the competition, Antoine Questel dominated the course in his home waters by winning 6 out of 8 races showing his last season progression and expectations for the up coming season:

My great training before this event allowed me to fight for victory against  five other PWA riders, including Bjorn Dunkerberk. Thanks to my speed during the long distances I won 6 of the 8 races. This result confirms my progress of the last season. Winter work has been effective, it is a great start for my 2014 season!  I am very satisfied with the organization of the Saint Barth Fun Cup That allows me to promote my sport and my island with the local public and in the international media. Now, this event has become a major international event of the beginning of the windsurfing season!

Alexandre Cousin showed a very good performance batteling during the three races for a podium position with Pierre, Taty  and

St Barth Fun Cup 2014 - Alexanfre Cousin - Racing Blade

St Barth Fun Cup 2014 – Alexanfre Cousin – Racing Blade

Björn alternating positions a even taking teh victory in one of the races and confirming his good 2013 performance:

It was my second participation in the St Barth Fun Cup where I compited for the very first time in 2012. I am really stoked to be able to challenge riders that are normally in front of me in the PWA events or in hte AFF ( French National Competition). Training with Antoine, who is one of the fastest guys in 10-25 knots is very important for me as I have to give my 300% all the time. My program for 2014 is the AFF, PWA if budget allows, as there are many events in the schedule and the Formula Worlds, as I love it and had good results last season. I would love to aim for a PWA top 20 and a AFF top 5 finish.”

Tristan Algret, our PWA Youth Slalom Champion 2014 showed a very consistant performance placing himself behing the big names and finishing sixt, he will very soon challenge them again during the PWA and AFF 2014 Season.

Delphine Cousin,PWA 2013 Champion won the women competition, she recently joined The Loft Team and had just received her

new sails, so it was a great chance to test and trim her new rigs and prepare for the season.

Delphine Cousing Loft Sails Racing Blade 2014

Delphine Cousin winner of the St Barth Fun Cup’14

All in all a great first test for our New RacingBlade 2014 proving to build on the success of the 2013.

Pics by Alain photographic 971 and Juliette Remi.

Check all the St Barth 2014 videos:

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Locals Talk

With four of the worlds most gnarly storm riders en-route to Cornwall to battle it out in round 3 of the Red Bull Storm Chase, Boardseeker decided to speak to the locals about what the riders might expect, where the chase could be held and who could take the title. These ‘locals’ also happen to […]

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Chile Calling

It was perhaps one of the latest calls in the history of our sport when the decision was made to abandon last years PWA event in Chile. It left many pro windsurfers with a choice to go on the tickets they had already booked or just abandon it all and try to salvage some costs […]

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Marco Lufen

For many a teenager the thought of going straight to higher education or into a full time work directly after school can be a bit of a bold step. A large portion will opt for the classic ‘gap year’ approach, it was estimated that in the UK alone some 2.5 million under 25′s took a […]

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Dennis Littel – Dutch Formula Champion 2013

During the last Dutch National Championship weekend Dennis Littel NED 13 claimed his 9th national Formula title in a row, second riding Blades FR.

Dennis top podium position

Dennis top podium position

The championship was held over 5 weekends at 5 different locations. The young guns Teade de Jong and Jordy Vonk made it pretty difficult during the first 2 events, but at the last events it was Dennis who scored many bullets while his challengers were battling each other.

The Blade FR proved to be the weapon of choice, not only for Dennis, but for Jordy Vonk NED 69 who claimed the final third spot on the Formula podium (as well as being second in the Slalom Championship)

Words from Dennis: “I am very happy taking the title home again, especially since this is the first time I become champion as a father. Also winning the 9th national title in a row gives me a great boost for the next season and I will do my best to claim another one to complete the collection. This will not be easy for sure, since the level here in Holland is pretty high but that is what it keeps me motivated to do well. “

Dennis Littel - Dutch Formula Champion

Dennis Littel – Dutch Formula Champion

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