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The Breakdown – Wed 3rd – Proffitt, Boujmaa, Defi Wind Tahiti, Sims and more…

Plenty to get through this morning from the fun-filled world of windsurfing. Let’s kick off with Ben Proffitt. A very busy man who currently finds himself with a small amount of time at home before the next events kick off. During that time he caught up with Alfie Hart to produce this super nice feature  […]

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The Breakdown – Tues 26th – Pedrani, Martin & Juban, Mauch, SVB and more…

After a long weekend welcome back to another week of action packed news from the windsurfing world. We open this adrenalin fueled rush with some Irish action from none other than Katie McAnena, who recently scored a fun session at Magheroarty. Heading over to Italy and Mattia Pedrani has dropped a fresh new beat. Linked […]

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The Breakdown – Wed 20th – Freestyle live scoring, windsurf musicians and Defi Wind and more…

One of the most interesting things to come out today is the first ever attempts at live scoring in freestyle. It’s been on the PWA agenda for a while and the little snippets of news that we have heard is that it will soon come to light, however, it is a complex and intricate system […]

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DEFI WIND 2015 – Video

Watch the first video impressions from the Defi Wind Long Distance race in Gruissan.

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Björn Dunkerbeck’s Global Speed Challenge – Are You Up For It?

It’s just 10 days away until the incredible event that is the DEFI Wind, and this is exactly where Björn Dunkerbeck will be launching his first ever Global Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge. Inviting each and everyone one of us to strap on a GPS and clock the fastest speed throughout the official DEFI Wind long distance […]

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Join Team SimmerStyle at Defi 15

It’s less than a month away until the largest windsurfing race in the world. With over a 1000 starters Defi Wind is truly a spectacular event to witness and this year will no doubt be yet even more impressive and that is exactly why SimmerStyle are inviting you to join and visit them during the […]

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6 Weeks Until DEFI Wind

The countdown has begun, it’s just six weeks away and the entry cap this year is at a record breaking 1200 entries, will you be there?

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Nicolas Warembourg Defi Wind HD video

A look back to Nico’s great performance at the 2014 Defi Wind in this great HD video feature by Kariba productions.

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AWT Talks Defi Wind Maui

AWT talks with Defi Wind to make an event on Maui. The Defi Wind Maui July 9th-12th, 2015! “Working on the idea since a few years, my last encounter with Sam Bittner was decisive … Put a Defi Wind Maui … and push even further the basics of windsurfing. Undoubtedly the beginning of a new […]

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The Loft Team at Defi Wind 2014

Defi Wind is one of the most spectacular and demanding sailing events worldwide. The expectation is very high year after year, as the number of participants keeps increasing. This year was a record breaking, as the inscriptions raised up to 1.000 windsurfers and a great forecast ahead. As the dates where the same as PWA Costa Brava most of the pro-windsurfers following the tour were missing.

Defi Wind - Day 1 - Nico Jibes to victory

Defi Wind – Day 1 – Nico Jibes to victory

Nicolas Warembourg was really expecting the race as last year he fought really hard and was just off the podium, his goal for this edition obviosly was to jump on the podium, and so he did. He was able to win two out of six races and the one raced in the hardest conditions, and had the chance to win the overall until the very last race. Delphine, on her side had the pressure of  being double World Champion,

Defi Wind - Delphine Cousin womens winner

Defi Wind – Delphine Cousin womens winner

PWA Slalom 2013 and her recent IFCA Slalom World title. She had to fight back a strong contendant, as she was unable to win the first two races, but after taking the third one it was all straight wins to take the final women title.

Nico tells us his day a day races and experiences:

Day 1: Happiness ¡¡ I was feeling the pressure before the race started, a mixed feeling of fear and excitement, as I have been waiting a whole year to come back and improve my results. For Race 1 I used my Racing Blade 6.3 and a 92l Slalom board. The goal of course is to do a good start, right after the boat, I am on time and already fighting my way to the first mark with Pascal Boulanger and Patrice Belbeoch, arriving third to the first mark and catching up to second at the third mark, I see that Patrice has gone to much downwind and has to tack to get back on track … Race 1 is mine ¡¡¡

Day 2: Bad starts ¡¡ I was still on the same equipment for Race 2, but had a bad start this time and had to fight my way back up the fleet, to arrive 5th to the first mark, but  a boat from the organization closed in while gybing and I fell down, meaning I had yet again to fight back with the added pressure to finally finish 9th. Wind was raising and decided to go one size down to Racing Blade 5.6 and 87l, but a wind drop 20 second before the start made me fall …hard to believe when there were 30 to 40 knots ¡¡¡  Again I had to speed up the fleet to arrive 8th to the first mark and 3rd at the finish lie, not too bad after all.

Day 3: Recognition ¡¡ On saturday the wind was very strong, so strong I thought we would not be able to race, but the race was on, so I rigged my smallest Racing Blade 4.9, 87l and a 27 cm fin. There is strong chop all over but I was determined to fight for this epic race. A good start and I find myself in the leading fleet, but having to hold on to my boom in order not to crash down, as some riders are doing around me … 3rd or 4th at the first mark, 2nd behind Pierre Moretti near the second mark, I see him gybing smoothly as the wind drops next to the organization boat, I decide to skip a tight gybe and go deeper past the boar looking for the wind gust which proved to be a good move as I find myself in the lead after the gybe. Despite starting to be tired I went on to increse the distance with the chasing group. I could hear the people shouting from the beach and also my coach and the Loft Sails manager received me on the beach to celebrate this great victory that I will always remember.

Defi Wind - Day 3 - Nico wins and epic Race 4

Defi Wind – Day 3 – Nico wins and epic Race 4

Day 4: Bitter victory ¡¡ The pressure builds as we prepare for the last race of the Defi, I can stop visualizing the course in my head before the start, while my coach tries to calm me down and give me the last advices. I score a good start and after some miles, Patrice is chasing me, while Andrea and Anders are in front and near the shore. I pass the first mark in 7th or 8th position but know that I have to finish within the first six to win the Race, so I battle hard with Pierre Moretti and Denis Standhart during the rest of the legs to finally cross the finish line on sixth position thinking that I won the overall …just to realize when arriving to the beach that Andrea finished first and I was finally second. It took me 20 minutes to digest the news … I was so close … no regrets however as I did my best on this last race. Once on the podium I realised what I achived, as my initial goal was a podium position.  I will come back in 2015 with even more motivation ¡¡¡

Defi Wind - Price giving - Nico celebrating on the podium

Defi Wind – Price giving – Nico celebrating on the podium

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