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Looking for your images from Greece?

We are very pleased to announce GlobalShots Photo Shop, where you can browse GlobalShots impressive images and search for shots of you, your friends and your family. Now you can download and purchase your favourite shots wherever, whenever you want. You will be able to have your Global images on your own computer immediately, with the security of knowing all transaction are safely made through PayPal. Just click on the Gallery links, and browse by venue and date to see if you can spot any familiar faces, captured in our Refreshingly Different style.  There are some great galleries which offer impressive images suitable for gifts, desktop wallpapers, or even to print a canvas to brighten up your home.

Please take the time to check it out & we will keep updating it with new and exciting images

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GlobalShots Battle of the Paddle 2013 SUP



During the month of August the GlobalShots Team put together their first ever SUP competition with huge success.  We would like to thank our partners & sponsors of the event for making it very successfull

Total Joyrider

Zeus Bar

Bespoke PhysioTherapy

Windsurf Coaching


Check out the videos from each event below and the GlobalShots facebook page for the latest images.

Round 1:

Round 2 :

Round 3:

Round 4:

Closing Party:

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Action Photographer Vacancy

GlobalShots Action Photographer

The ultimate opportunity – work and play for a summer in the sun with GlobalShots photography!

Like most great companies, GlobalShots was born from passion. Founder Jay Haysey, a long time windsurf instructor, decided in 2007 to marry his two passions : water sports and photography. From that moment, the GlobalShots brand has exploded into the world of extreme sports coverage. A well deserved reputation for the highest quality images has quickly established itself, and the company’s knack for social networking has seen this reputation steadily grow.

Have you got what we’re looking for? An eye for an outstanding image, an individual style and a sense of fun and adventure? Want to have your photos seen by thousands?

GlobalShots are looking for a refreshingly different photographer with a personality to match to join our ever growing team.  GlobalShots is an exciting photography and media company, making its mark in the water sports and events photography world. We are looking to add another Refreshingly Different photographer to the team, starting with a contract for a season in beautiful Vassiliki, Greece.

You’ll be working alongside (and photographing) some of the world’s biggest water sport heroes, in one of the most stunning locations in Europe. You’ll experience a fun filled season working closely with one of the beachfront water sport centres, photographing clients of all abilities & ages on the water, maintaining a great working relationship, and enjoying the most of what the village and island has to offer. The job includes not only photographing clients on the water, but capturing every aspect of the club and the village, whilst making yourself available and representing the brand. You will promote and sell GlobalShots images regularly in the centre, as well as occasionally covering local events, parties and festivals.

Please attach your CV & portfolio to

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25% off – Windsurf Coaching DVD

25% OFF LIMITED TIME ONLY – Check in the shop

GlobalShots team riders Colin ‘Whippy’ Dixon and Marco Wedele have teamed up to bring you their ultimate new windsurf instructional DVD. The idea behind it is to bring different angles to the sport, to perhaps re-think the way you learn a maneuver. They aren’t re-designing the wheel, but what they are doing is using all the modern tools we have available to help you visualize the move better and in turn learn faster.

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The Flymount

The original action mount!

Flymounts were the world’s first camera mount designed specifically for action photography, and are now used by TV crews, pro photographers and athletes across the globe.

The unique system works with virtually ANY camera on the market, giving a bomb proof attachment to roll bars, bike frames, handle bars, windsurf masts and any other tubular object.


Flymounts are made from glass reinforced Nylon 6-6, and marine grade stainless steel, to ensure unbeatable resistance to sunshine, saltwater and extremes of temperature.


Weighing just 166g (5.85oz), Flymounts are one of the lightest mounts on the market today, allowing our customers to film without feeling the weight of a heavy mount on their kit.


To prevent movement and equipment damage, the jaws are lined with protective, hard wearing urethane. All Flymounts are supplied with a high quality braided polyester lanyard, and for GoPro customers we make a quick release adapter, giving the strongest possible connection between camera and mount.



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NEW! To GlobalShots, The GlobalCANVAS!

We are now starting to produce our images hand made onto high quality premium cotton canvas with 100% satisfactory return guarantee!

Get involved & if you cant live near the beach at least put some beach in your house.

We start with the ‘Makena’ image shot in Hawaii, Maui.

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GlobalShots & Nitro Circus 3D

GlobalShots has partnered up for the UK release of Nitro Circus 3D The Movie.  Once we have them we’re going to be giving away a bunch of DVD’s in prizes along with epic Global Merchandise.

While we wait for the DVD’s check out this clip from the new movie !



Please see details below of the incredible Nitro Circus 3D screening and world record attempt taking place at The O2, London on Thursday 28th February, from 7pm. Tickets are now on sale

London, Tuesday 5th February, 2013  Omniverse Vision in partnership with Universal Pictures International Entertainment (the home entertainment division of Universal Pictures), is excited to bring Nitro Circus: The Movie 3D to a cinema near you. Fresh from a wildly successful live tour in Australia, Europe and the USA, Team Nitro are back to bring their unique brand of action sports to another dimension. Audiences will be wowed when the team attempt the impossible, with a record breaking stunt, live from the O2 in London. The ground breaking event will be streamed live via satellite to over 500 screens around the world on 28th February 2013, kick-starting what is sure to be an adrenaline fuelled ride.

With commentary from founding partners and producers, Jeremy Rawle and Gregg Godfrey, viewers will see 18 daredevils endeavour to simultaneously back-flip motorcycles within dangerous proximity to each other, as they attempt to smash a Guinness World Record. After witnessing the nail biting event, viewers can then sit back and enjoy more thrilling action with Nitro Circus: The Movie in 3D, a rollicking history of how this madcap band of no-limits adrenaline addicts are pioneering the territory where action sports and entertainment collide

Nitro’s team leader Travis Pastrana says, “The action and stunts you’ll see in this movie are bigger and crazier than anything we have ever done before and this movie amplifies them not only on a huge scale but on world wide stage.”

Nitro Circus: The Movie 3D is the most shocking collection of death-defying stunts, performed by the most fearless and daring action sports athletes the world has ever seen. These are never-before-seen stunts and are brought to life in jaw-dropping 3D. It must be seen to be believed!

Adrenalin-fuelled and packed with never-before-seen stunts and hilarious mayhem, Nitro Circus: The Movie 3D, stars athletes from the world famous Nitro Circus, under the stewardship of the world’s greatest action sports athlete, Travis Pastrana, a true Daredevil who serves as a master-of-ceremonies and ringleader to this group of intrepid, fearless, and inventive band of risk-takers performing a range of death-defying feats…which come to life in Full dimensional glory.

“Jackass stunts are designed to fail, everyone accepts that. Nitro stunts; you have to succeed or you die”  Jeff Tramaine

Nitro Circus will hit cinemas nationwide on 28th February – For tickets and further information on the 3D screening event please visit

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VIDEO: Globalshots – Better Late Than Never – JP Team

Globalshots have released this short and sweet edit from the JP/Neilpryde photoshoot. Not wanting to upset anyone they held the footage back until all was clear with the brands. Certainly worth the wait though as you see how close these guys get to the heli!

Be sure to follow the globalshots action here –

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GlobalShots Photo Shop

GlobalShots have now launched their online photoshop which boasts a huge amount of excellent action images, and we are sure there will be more added soon! If you have been somewhere that GlobalShots have been shooting it’s well worth a look, or even if you just want an incredible windsurf shot for your wall GlobalShots has it all.

Take a look at the GlobalShots Photo Shop here and have a scan through more of the great images. 

GlobalShots photo shop

GlobalShots photo shop, online now!


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