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Jason Polakow & friends at Jaws

Big Wave Action with Jason Polakow, Robby Naish, Levi Siver, Kai Lenny and Robby Swift at Jaws. Produced by Red Bull.

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Hardcore Jaws action from January 2015

Another great video featuring the big January swell at Jaws. With Robby, Jason, Braw & Co.

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Bending Jaws

Yes, we know, this might be another Jaws edit, but they just keep getting better and better. This one is all about surfing, unfortunately with no windsurfing, but it is an absolute must watch!

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Another Level At Jaws

It’s time for yet another incredible Jaws movie, and this time it’s all about windsurfing. Here is a great clip, yet again from Xensr, with all of the top windsurfing action from the day. Stay tuned ’til the end as the action just gets better and better! Watch out for Levi’s crazy moves, sharing waves […]

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Big Wave Windsurfing Jaws

Levi Siver, Kai Lenny, Marcilio Browne, Kevin Pritchard, Morgan Noireaux, Jason Polakow, Robby Swift and Robby Naish at Jaws.

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Jaws Movie – Best Rides And Wipe Outs

As you’ve probably seen in our feature about the epic Jaws session here, the monster wave in Maui has been totally firing. Now Xensr have released this epic clip of the best windsurf, surf and SUP action from the mammoth wave. Not only does it have some incredible rides, but it has the  best surfers […]

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Fresh Edit – Bruch Paddles Into JAWS

Having taken on JAWS once before on his windsurf kit, Dany Bruch recently took on this world famous wave once again, this time on his surfboard. The story goes that he was out for a 3 hour session just after breakfast at Hookipa where he had a heavy hold down on his return ticket in. […]

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Jason Polakow’s favourite top 5 waves – Video

Jason presents his top 5 waverides from Australia to Hawaii.

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Surfing at Jaws – Video

Francisco & Niccolo Porcella and many more were surfing Jaws. Jake Miller produced a great action clip.

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Story & Photos John Carter

During the big-wave winter season on Maui, fierce storms off the eastern coast of Japan and south of Alaska’s Aleutian islands radiate pulses of energy from over 3000 miles away across the Pacific until they hit the distant shores of the Hawai’ian chain.

(This feature originally appeared in the August 2013  issue of Windsurf Magazine. Print and digital subscriptions for readers worldwide are available HERE.)

Usually this process is game over come April, when spring brings more reliable trade winds and smaller swells. Breaks like Peahi, (a.k.a Jaws), will normally hibernate all summer, leaving big-wave addicts to hunt elsewhere for their adrenaline fixes.

But in early April 2013, a rare late-season swell blipped onto the radar with a solid 3.6m at a 16-sec period forecast – by no means the biggest swell Hawaii can produce, but most likely enough to trigger Jaws to light up. John Carter was lucky enough to be on Maui to witness the occasion and, with the help of the riders involved, brings us the story from a memorable day.



For the last few years I’ve been super keen to try out this amazing break. I always wondered what Jaws would be like to sail. I mean, we get massive waves in the Canaries, but I really wanted to experience a huge swell in Hawaii. I didn’t expect it to break so late in the season, but once I saw the forecast I was determined not to miss it.

A few days before I’d arranged Matt Schweitzer’s boat to be there for the day, from sunrise to dawn – that should have it covered! I started to call some mates to share the costs and formed a crew. Everything was sorted, now we just needed the swell to hit! We arranged to check it out at 6 a.m.

I don’t know if I was still short on caffeine or what, but I could hardly see any sets break. I was so bummed. We delayed the boat for a bit, had breakfast with some friends and then checked again at 8, at 9, and at 10 a.m. But still no waves and it really looked like it wasn’t happening.

So we called it off and cancelled the boat. Boujmaa [Guilloul] and I then decided to go for a sail at Ho’okipa, but to our surprise it looked pretty crap – with lots of current and gusty winds.

Then we heard Kauli was going to sail up to Jaws from the lighthouse at Haiku. That helped clear it in my head. “Let’s get out at Jaws – no matter what!” The only problem was that the boat had been called off so our only choice was to jump off the rocks as well …


I wasn’t so sure about the forecast, nobody was! The period was so-so and the size was not predicted to be that big. Dany Bruch eventually talked me into it. He was organizing a boat beforehand and trying to get a crew to share the costs. In the morning we checked, but the break wasn’t that consistent. We waited for the swell to pick up but it didn’t really improve. Finally Dany had enough of waiting so we went back up to Jaws and decided we were going to jump off the rocks and just give it a go.


I spotted that swell a week before and just hoped the call would pull something together. When I saw it would be windy with some bigger waves late on I kept my hopes up that a few solid ones would roll through.


I decided I was going the night before and booked up Keith Baxter’s boat to take us up. It looked like a solid swell. Not massive, but I was sure it was enough for Jaws to break. Sometimes when the forecast is like that it just gets too big and messy at Ho’okipa, especially when there’s a lot of west in the swell. I felt like there was nothing to lose. This was most likely the last big swell of the season and I didn’t want to let it go to waste.


I couldn’t find a ride so I went to Maliko Gulch and tried to hitchhike up on somebody’s jet ski. Nobody had any room but I was determined not to miss a Jaws session. We only get one or two a year.

I knew that Robby and Kauli had launched there before. It was kind of scary just driving down the track. After that it was just a matter of scouting the right spot to launch and waiting for the right moment to jump in. It wasn’t so bad in the end!


I saw the forecast was looking very promising. It wasn’t going to be massive, but for this time of year it was extremely lucky to get a shot at riding Jaws. I was actually feeling very sick the day before. I had a serious fever and pain all over my body but I knew I couldn’t miss this opportunity. I headed up to the lighthouse at Haiku to try and jump from the rocks but there was so much mud I turned around and rigged in Maliko Gulch. It took me over an hour and fifteen minutes to get upwind and make it to Jaws.


I’d been eyeing up the forecast for about a week coming up to the Friday and was hoping to get out there via a boat. I’d intended to bring my gear and check it out on the day but was never going to make a decision about going out to windsurf it until I’d checked it out first-hand and knew exactly what the conditions of the day were. Unfortunately the boat I was included in with Dany, Muzza, Boujy and Flo fell through so that was no longer an option. After sizing it up over a couple of hours and watching the guys I ultimately ended up approaching it by launching off the rocks at the base of the cliff.




The swell started on the small side but there were some very solid sets by evening. Later on, I got a really good one from deep behind the pit, a familiar line for me when the swell direction is NNW like that. It’s such a good feeling to drop into those walls. It was a sick way to end to the wave season in Hawaii.

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