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Whilst Colin stayed in the U.K. to complete some final touches on their coaching tour van, Marco ran the first WSC clinic of the year in Tarifa! 

With a nice group of people from the U.K., Spain, Poland and Argentina – and with a fine mix of very strong Levante and light Poinente wind, it was, once again, an amazing week, where everybody improved their skills both on and off the water amongst new-found friends. 

Marco returned to the U.K. to meet Colin and get the van packed for their tour of Europe!

Their next was stop was the SurfWorldCup in Podersdorf, Austria where the first tour stop of the EFPT was also held this year.

The guys ran some free coaching clinics over the weekends of the contest.

Blessed by amazing weather once again it was another very succesful event that attracted around 85,000 visitors.

Podersdorf’s not only famous for the daytime, on-water action – but also for the unbelievable parties by night, so everybody was well entertained!


Following the advice of their very good friend Dario Troiani,  the next stop was the beautiful island of Sardinia!

The great atmosphere and a lovely welcome from everybody had them feeling at home straight away.

To have sun and wind every single day throughout the clinic was just the icing on the cake!

Everybody that joined the clinic had an absolute blast and left with a big smile on their face.

For 2015 they’ve planned to do something special there, so watch this space.

Colin and Marco are now off to run a weekend’s clinic in Vieste, southern Italy, before heading to Greece to work for ClubVass over the summer, after which they’ll return to run clinics at U.K. hotspots. The year will end with a trip to Jericoacoara, Brazil!

For further details on their upcoming clinics visit or email them direct:

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Marco Wedele in Egypt – Video

A nice clip from Dahab and the Blue Lagoon by the German Pro coach Marco Wedele.

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Egyptian action from freestyler and coach Marco Wedele. (The windsurfing kicks off after 2 mins – unless you want to watch Marco cook his breakfast …)

Meya Meya Dahab from Marco on Vimeo.

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Mighty Dave White motivated fellow UK legends Ross Williams and Robby Swift to venture to the often-forgotten UK North Sea coast in Norfolk. But with 40 knots of wind would Whitey spend more time on the water or behind the lens?


I have to say this was my first wave trip to the East coast! I wasn’t sure what to aspect. In recent times I had heard rumours that on the right day the whole coastline could light up. This was just a quick trip.  Myself and Robby haven’t wavesailed for a while, for very different reasons, Swift because of his latest injury and myself because of being so busy with the Gaastra/Tabou UK operation.

When we arrived at East Runton the wind and rain was lashing down in true British summer style. It was blowing its tits off for lack of a better word.

In a very short time we had rigged and were out on the water. The first hour was probably the best as the tide was still up a bit and the waves were rolling nicely to the shore.

I will remark that it was good to see Swift out on the water again, Even though he wasn’t his usual “hell man” style, He was still able to link some smooth turns on the waves, getting the tail nice and loose and throwing some man spray.

For sure it must have been a little frustrating for him having to hold back, but I think it was wise with the next PWA event just around the corner.

But I did see him launch one big backloop that he landed cleanly. Hopefully this will give him the confidence needed to get onto the podium in Denmark.

After checking the forecast with the boys in the bar we all decided to camp out down the coast for an early morning session at Sea Palling.

We awoke to yet another windy and wavy day, the spot was looking great for some jumping. We decided on a ‘power hour’ of sailing, I was on my 4.7 before we had to jump back into the van and head home.

A pretty epic little trip and I would recommend more sailors to check out the east coast soon before the winter kicks in!



It was also the first time I had ever sailed up on the top of that little bubble on the east coast of Norfolk.

When I used to spend more time here in the UK, I would pretty much just give up on any forecasts from NW-SE.

This little trip opened up my eyes to a fantastic array of spots that can handle those kinds of wind directions, and the quality of the conditions at both East Runton and Sea Palling were a very welcome surprise.

It was about a 3-hour drive up from my house to East Runton. We pulled onto a steep little boat-ramp access and were faced with gale force winds, driving rain and a churned-up North Sea!

It wasn’t exactly the flat water warm weather sailing I had imagined in my mind for my first session back on the windsurfer, but about as close to the conditions we are going to get in Denmark next week as possible – so a true test of fire!


As we looked out, one of the local sailors was ripping apart the waves. I was surprised how steep they were and how clean the faces were considering he was fully maxed out on a 4.0.


After getting over the initial shock of the cold and the rain, we rigged up quite quickly and were out there.


The waves were great, some of the most enjoyable wave riding waves that I have sailed in the UK in a long time.


They were steep, punchy and a reasonable size. Not too big to hurt you but big enough to have fun.


I saw a 360 bowl on every single wave I took but managed to control myself and not go for any since this was my first session back on a very newly healed ankle.


Ross however, didn’t want to make me feel better by dulling down his sailing. It was 360, Taka, 360, Taka on almost every wave.


He did some nice big backloops too which made me decide that I had to at least try a backloop or two and I landed them OK so was quite encouraged.


After about 40 minutes I decided that I had pushed the foot hard enough and came in to watch the Williams show.


Colin Dixon arrived with Marco Wedele a little later, both of them with 4.4s as their smallest sails. Whitey was on 4.2 and Ross and I were on 4.0 so it was pretty breezy!


I think the tide was a little too low by the time they went out. The waves weren’t quite as lined up but it looked like they enjoyed it anyway.


Whitey was out for the longest. He was there when we arrived and sailed till the end, throwing some pretty impressive spray and obviously enjoying the chance to show off to the boys. Don’t we all?


When we were checking the forecast at a local pub, Whitey brought the photos in and the freestylers made a vow to jump higher the next day! I iced my foot and we decided to stay the night in the van.

The next morning we woke up at around 7 a.m. and my ankle was a bit too stiff to go sailing, I didn’t want to push it with Denmark a week away.


Of course, as would be expected, I was put on camera duty and was happy taking shots of the boys with such a fantastic background.


The groynes out to sea at Sea Palling have made little sand bars inside each of them, which create really fun, punchy waves.


Williams was ripping again, pulling some stylish backloops and pushloop table-tops with the black rocks behind to make the photos really impressive.


Colin and Marco stayed true to their promises and jumped higher, progressing with the Williams there to push them!


Whitey pulled some impressive forwards and a good time was had by all. I even enjoyed taking the photos, trying to move around to get good angles and with such a contrasting background, I was pretty happy with the shots.


All in all it was a fun little trip up to Norfolk and I will definitely be going back when in full fitness so that I can try to compete with Williams for photos next time, rather than just taking them! Enjoy the rest of these shots!


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Go Pro DVD with Colin & Marco in stock

We have received the new windsurfing instructional DVD from Marco Wedele and Colin Dixon. Read more about the DVD.

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The WSC Van Journey – Part Six

Colin and Marco of WindSurf Coaching and GoPro with Colin and Marco are almost ready to embark on an epic Euro road trip, taking on them across the many countries delivering top notch coaching to all. But first they need a vehicle to take them on their merry way….

WSC van taking shape!

Windsurf Coaching van, the vision…

WHEELS are here …..
Before I put the bad boys on I’m popping back down to Eastbourne to see Rossetts, the Mercedes-Benz dealership. These guys are plotted about the South and know everything about Sprinters and Vito’s. They are going to get the mega van up on the ramp and give the beast a good service as I will be covering a lot of millage it’s important to keep the engine happy!! With new filters all round and first 15 litre of oil, the van is feeling the love!!!
Me and the main man, Big Sam Sparkes, the Area Sales Manger. He’s windsurfer and a bloody nice guy, need a Mercedes, Sam’s your man!

After the guys @ Rossetts have done the service, Sam recommended Auto Solutions for a remap.  OK, a remap is when you plug a laptop into your vehicle’s computer system and remap the fuel and air that will then give you more bhp.

So I found out my van is 109bhp! It’s the same engine as the larger Sprinter (130bhp), but just before it leaves the factory it gets remapped from 109bhp to 130bhp. After re-mapping my beast it’s now an awesome 155bhp!!! Its safe and to be fair its better for your engine, more bhp means you will not be thrashing the engine and it will cruz better for longer!!

Wow what a difference, I know the van is empty but its like someone has bolted a mother turbo on to it!

Hahah, I can brake the speed limit now and I don’t pull like a tractor, do it guys its unreal!

WHEELS……….. they rocked up at Stew @Greens when I was down south

HELL YEAH, hahhaha!!! 20 inch bad boys!!! They came from Italy and they are the biggest weight loaded wheel I could find for a Sprinter and that will take the weight!

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Windsurf Coaching in Tarifa

Windsurf Coaching

Windsurf Coaching, get booking!

Update* just a couple of spaces left on this week, get involved!

Colin and Marco of Windsurf Coaching are heading to Tarifa to kick off their 2013 European coaching tour in style.

The first of the series of clinics will be aimed at more advanced riders looking to hone their bump and jump skills, and will take place from the 7th to 14th of April.

To book or for more info email or head to the Windsurf Coaching website here.

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Pimp My Ride with Windsurf Coaching pt. II

Colin ‘Whippy’ Dixon from Windsurf Coaching has been in touch about his latest updates to their ride. It looks like the van is beginning to take shape inside. However the outside has some way to go, below is the first part of the latest update, click on the link underneath that to read more, and we’ve got another of their trailers from their Coaching DVD that was released last year. If you fancy getting some coaching from the Colin and Marco as they venture around Europe this year, then hit them up on their contact page.

We’ve also just heard some fresh news from Marco Wedele who has just signed to Sailloft for this coming season, check out the updates on his facebook page.

First thing was to work out what sort of insulation I needed. I did lots of research into what most high end camper vans, motor homes and van conversions used, and I decided to start with foil that is like Celetex but a lot easier to use and go’s in tricky places a lot easier. This stuff reflects the heat from both ways, so when its hot outside of the van in a hot place it will keep it cool inside. Also being a white van it will help, when its cold outside it will keep the heat inside of the van, happy days!

For the full article click here –

Trailer number 3

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Pimp My Ride with Windsurf Coaching

Colin ‘Whippy’ Dixon and Marco ‘Dancing’ Wedele produced a cracking coaching DVD recently. Stepping outside the box the boys threw angles out there that we hadn’t seen before and it certainly is a useful tool for those stepping in to the sport or wanting to progress further up the ranks. Well turns out it was quite the success and the duo are now embarking on their next mission, to create the ultimate Windsurf Coaching bus. Check out the design view below.


What’s more, it doesn’t stop there. Colin has assured us that he will give us daily updates on the progress of how their coaching van is coming along on their fresh new look website.

You can follow the progress by clicking on the link below, which will certainly be a useful tool for those thinking about pimping out their own ride.

Website –

Their DVD trailers are also well worth a quick glance, check out the second one right here (you’ll find the others on their website).

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Correction: Windsurf Coaching in WA

Windsurf Coaching

Want to join Colin and Marco in WA?

Colin Dixon and Marco Wedele of Windsurf Coaching are heading down under very soon, and we can confirm that they are coaching earlier in 2013! There’s a few dates throughout February, check the poster for full details.

The coaching duo will be taking to Perth and Lancelin beaches to coach both blasting and wavesailing to locals and those from further afield wishing to make the journey. Looks like a good excuse to head to WA if you ask us!

After this Colin and Marco will be touring around the UK and much of Europe on a non stop coaching tour, stops include: Tarifa, Morocco, Holland, Austria, Italy and many more!

You can find out all the details of the coaching clinics run by Windsurf Coaching here. 

Plus, over the winter why not brush up on your technique with the GoPro with Colin and Marco DVD? Click here for more info and to purchase. 

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