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Jaws XXL February 2016

Check out this intense action from Robby Swift and friends during the XXL swell that hit Jaws in February 2016. Robby's wipeout is particularly epic and was captured from a number of angles. Good thing he had an inflatable vest on!

Robby had this to say about the action:
"This was the winter where I sailed Jaws more than any other winter I can remember on Maui. I think we had 5 really good XXL sessions up there and this was the final one.

It was great to sail there so many times to really get a chance to get the gear dialled in well and feel confident that I was getting to know the lineup better than ever before. This however, gave me a little too much confidence and after about an hour, I had one of the worst wipeouts of my life, getting sucked over the falls on my upside-down board and then getting stuck in the boom. I was physically OK though and it was so much fun though that I re-rigged a smaller sail and got straight back out there."


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