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The North Sail WARP F2017

6 out of 7 won eliminations during the 2015 racing season are making the WARP 9.0LW the most successful slalomsail in PWA history. Extreme propulsion, incredibly fast, uncompromisingly designed to win. It is the ultimateWorld Cup racing sail. Due to NO.COMPROMISE.DESIGN theWARP F2017 generates better low-end power and acceleration. Start after start and jibe after jibe more acceleration than anything else without becoming physical. That allows you to reserve energy over the entire racecourse and to keep a clear head for tactics. Combined with the unrivaled soft camber rotation, the new WARP F2017 therefore is not just the first choice for World Cup riders but for aspiring freeriders alike. PIERRE MORTEFON: “The WARP F2017 has made the biggest performance jump we’ve ever had. Weare convinced that the WARP F2017 is made for the podium.”

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› NO.COMPROMISE.DESIGN: Guarantees an ideal mix of maximumpower and forward pull without loosing stability/wind-range or becoming super physical
› SIZESPECIFIC.DESIGN: Thanks to three different, size-dependent concepts each sail size is individually matched to the wind strength
› 7.BATTEN.DESIGN: Makes the WARP F2017 the lightest Slalom sail on the market
› Less weight due to MINI. PROTECTOR and super light iROCKET batten tensioner
› HYPER.CAM: Again and again confirmed through magazine tests worldwide: The best rotating camber on the market
› MODERATE.CUTAWAY.CLEW: Less blow out / hinge-effect formore power and more direct acceleration
› ON.THE.COURSE – FOR.THE.COURSE: Developed and tested in real racing conditions on the course against all competitor sails convinced us that the WARP F2017 can beat anything out there!

North Warp F2017 spec chart

It took more than three years to develop the new shaping- and the design concept on which theWARP F2017 is based. Far more complex than previous designs, it incorporates divers influences on the rig into the panel layout. The result is overwhelming: using the NO.COMPROMISE.DESIGN the new WARP F2017 generates enormous acceleration and power out of the jibe and after the start.

Unlike other “powerhouse” slalom sails out there the NO.COMPROMISE.DESIGN guarantees that this extra power is achieved without the sail becoming extremely physical to sail! This means that there isn’t a sudden power explosion for the rider to handle but rather a continuous, very harmonious power delivery. This relieves the rider, giving thempower reserves for the entire race and freedom in order to fully concentrate on race tactics.

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Here is how NO.COMPROMISE.DESIGN works:
Up until today therewas a high price for maximumpower and acceleration after jibing:

A. Extremely physical to sail
This happenswhen you “just” increase the foot profile depth while leaving the luff curve and loose leech unchanged. Massive luff curve, massive foot profile AND massive loose leech simply result in the sail becoming very physical as the power develops slightly delayed but like a bang.

B. Reduced stability and wind-range
This happens when you increase the profile and decrease the luff curve. Less luff curve reduces especially the leading-edge-tension which results in reduced stability and wind-range.

With the NO.COMPROMISE.DESIGN Kai Hopf achieveswhat everyone was aiming for but was previously impossible

Step 1: Kai increased the profile depth across the entire sail which results in a power boost after the start and jibing

Step 2: Reduction of the luff curve. This reduces the sail body tension which allowed Kai to reduce the loose leech as well. The reduced loose leech leads to an instant/constant forward pull while the reduced sail body tension guarantees a soft power transmission (= less physical). We call this power made manageable.

Step 3: To prevent the sail from loosing stability/wind-range Kai went on re-designing thewhole double-foil luff sleeve construction. Now the entire luff sleeve is made out of low-stretch CROSS.YARN.LAMINATE. In addition he integrated a top to bottomnon-stretch Kevlar strip to the leading edge. This all stiffens up the leading edge to avoid excessive bending in the fore-aft direction (whilemaintaining sideways flex). The reduced fore-aft bending is essential to keep the sail from loosing stability/wind-range. Plus it guarantees that the draft moves forward once you reduce the outhaul tension –which is essential for heavy weights and/or when sailing at the bottomend of the sails’ wind range to generate maximum forward pull.

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World Cup performance and 100% performance orientation require a perfect set-up and experienced trimming. This is especially true for our Formula 1 engine. Due to the extremely rigid mast sleeve maxi-mum propulsion is achieved only in combination with PLATINUM masts and precise trimming. And in this case exactly means down to the millimeter.

Therefore, the use of a POWER.XT is indispensable as it’s the only extension which allows a fine, click-precise adjustment of the downhaul tension.

With the correct downhaul tension though the sail works with one and the same trim over the entire wind range. The same for the outhaul tension. An other invaluable advantage of the NO.COMPROMISE.DESIGN.

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