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Freestyle to The Pitchers

The Pitchers is made up of a group of Swiss windsurfers, including PWA competitor himself, Jeremy Plüss who hacks it on the drums. It is that very man who took a pair of headphones around the best freestylers in the world during PWA Podersdorf and caught their reaction on camera as they listened to the […]

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PWA Podersdorf – Day 4 Official Video

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PWA Podersdorf – Day 3 Video Highlights

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PWA Podersdorf – Day 2 Video Action

Plenty of action on the second day here at PWA Podersdorf. The EFPT and PWA worked together to provide continuous entertainment for the gathering crowds through the afternoon and evening, culminating in a spectacular fireworks display. Check out all the highlights in the video below.

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PWA Podersdorf – Behind The Scenes

It’s on! PWA Podersdorf has kicked off and the Chiemsee crew are there to capture all the behind the scenes action. One of their first clips is live and it features most of the riders laying down their expectations. Hopes are high but who will deliver… Posted by CHIEMSEE on Wednesday, 29 April 2015

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PWA Podersdorf – Day 1

The best freestyelrs in the world are already in Austria and the first day of competition got off to a light start. Check out the video re-cap below.

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The Birth of Brouwersdam

Just around the corner is none other than the DAM7 Festival, a festival that incorporates windsurfing at its heart because it is not only hosting the PWA but it is organised by windsurfers for windsurfers. This special crew known as the DAM7 Team had just a few ‘small’ requirements before hosting this event. One such […]

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Get a wildcard for the PWA Surf Worldcup in Austria

We are giving away one wildcard for the freestyle event for the 2013 PWA Surf Worldcup in Podersdorf.

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PWA Podersdorf Update and Gollito takes the Single

Action, action, action! PWA Podersdorf has been on fire this weekend…

It’s been a busy couple of days, with incredible tow-in qualifier sessions at night and the completion of the first round of the PWA Freestyle contest during the day. Light gusty winds have plagued the contest but the single elimination was finally complete yesterday afternoon. The winner, Jose ‘Gollito’ Estredo, sealed the deal with some impressive moves, check out the short video clip below.

Close behind, Taty Frans put in a great performance to take second place and in the losers final Kiri Thode came third, whilst Steven Van Broeckhoven took fourth. Whilst the sailors are on standby for the double elimination be sure to check out some of the highlight pictures on the PWA website – HERE.

Looking forward, here is today’s highlights; at 19.00 local Austrian time we have Andre Paskowski here on Boards for our LiveChat. Following this will be the final showdown of the Chiemsee EFPT Tow-In Championships. Set to be the most impressive display of freestyle moves in tow-in history, we can expect big action. Check out the report from last night by clicking HERE and be sure to follow the action on EFPT Live ticker tonight at 20.30 Austrian time by clicking HERE.

Photo credits – JC


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PWA Podersdorf Day 2 and EFPT Tow-In update

Plenty of action going on here at the first PWA Freestyle event of the year…

Adam Sims firing through a burner!

EFPT Chiemsee Tow-In news

Last night saw the start of the first ever European Freestyle Tow-In championships. UK hopefuls Adam Sims and Phil Richards both missed out on the top spots for the final round on Monday night, however local superstar Max Mattissek showed he has what it takes and bounced his way into the final showdown, alongside Taty Frans and Nicolas Akgazciyan. Tonight will be the second round, in which, Max Rowe will be holding the flag for the Brits. Sitting here with Max, we’ve asked him a few quick questions:

Boards: Feeling nervous?
Max: A little bit nervous just because of so many people watching and feeling a little suspect after last night

Boards: You have two runs, what do you hope to nail?
Max: Burner and an air funnel into funnel

Boards: Who will be the ones most likely to take the top three?
Max: Gollito, Bjorn and me ;)

Boards: Are you looking forward to sailing tomorrow and what are your aims for the competition?
Max: Pretty excited and hope it will be a little bit stronger and windier than what we had today.

Follow tonight’s qualification round on the EFPT Live Ticker, via facebook. Click HERE to go to their page and keep an eye as updates will commence from just after 9.15pm local time.

The PWA Competition

With the lightest of winds across the course area, it was a waiting game today. However, early in the afternoon the first heats got underway but with only four heats completed by 6.30pm this evening, it was extremely on and off. With almost every heat seeing one, two or three re-starts, the patience of the riders and the judges was tested. With Adam Sims and Marco Wedele being in heat five, they saw the biggest waiting game of all. Eventually it was cancelled and this is where it will take off tomorrow. Check back soon for more…


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