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Roberto Ricci Designs have used this clip to formally introduce PWA pro John Skye as their full-time sail designer.

RRD Sails designer John Skye talks from RRD International on Vimeo.

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RRD Fire Move Goes Big

The Fire Move 130 and 140 complete RRD’s highly acclaimed FIRE MOVE range and will be available this summer.

These boards incorporate the typical Fire Move lively feeling of great speed and top end control, along with the gybing sensation of a much smaller board. It is the closest freemove board to a pure freestyle-wave and the wide body of these new shapes allows for a better earlier planing capacity by keeping a relatively short compact shape, and with the boards reduced thickness you further benefit from a very stable platform throughout your gybes and tacks. Having a choice of three footstrap positions also allows aspiring improvers to grow with the board and use it from first time in the straps to full speed planing gybes!

The Fire Move 130 and 140 are the perfect boards for those looking for great early planing performance, easy top end speed and fun in light to medium winds and choppy waters without sacrificing manoeuvrability and will definitely put the Fire back into your sailing.

More details on – the FireMove is available now from your nearest legendary RRD dealer and now in 3 constructions including Ltd, Wood and the New E technology.

Check out for your list of retailers.


John Skye putting the Fire Move through it's paces

Jem Hall regularly uses the Fire Move, we found out more on why the the range working is so well for both himself, and clients:

“I have used the FireMove for coaching on my clinics and in flat water to small waves where it is actually quite responsive, and even for a big board it jumps and rotates very nicely.

I use the 110 mainly, for coaching and freesailing back in the UK, as it feels around 125 litres, planes like a 135 and gybes like a 110 – so versatile, fast and fun.

I use it as I can have fun going fast, plane early and really crank into gybes. With the middle strap setting, not too far outboard or inboard, I can also do carving 360s, jump and loop it. A huge benefit that I love, is that I can use a smaller sail which is easier to move around, as the board planes so early. My main sails used on the 110 FireMove are 5.8 to 7.5, of which the 6.5 Freeride Ezzy Cheetah, is the most used for coaching and freesailing in the UK.

People who want a fast board that is fun and really gybes well will love this board. It is a fabulous progression board as you can improve your stance and blasting on it, and then learn to gybe on it and keep it to really perfect your carve gybes and get those elusive planing ones. It is so versatile as you can treat it as on oversized freestyle wave or lock it down and blast away with the outboard straps in place. I love it and so do all the customers who have purchased one.


John Skye is also riding the Fire Move, although he tends to go for a smaller one in the range:

“The Firemove is so versatile I have used it in loads of different conditions. Everything from small waves, bump and jump style, through to flat water slalom style blasting with big sails. It’s so much fun to sail. It’s quick to plane, fast enough to be fun, has great pop for jumps and manoeuvres really well too.

You always have to consider the width of the Firemoves. As they are wider than normal, you have to basically add about 10-15L to the volume to get an idea of its relative size. For example the 100, which is the board I used the most, is actually much closer to a 110-115 board.

I have used the 100 with everything from 4.7 wave sail in waves, through to 8.0 Evolution freeride sail, and it has felt really balanced with everything. It has such a large useable range in both wind and in terms of conditions.

Everyone I think! I can see a big appeal for a wave sailor to have one of these as a light wind fun board for summer sailing. Also for someone like my dad who predominantly sails big freeride/freerace gear, the Firemove would be a perfect step down board. Also it gybes so well, that for anyone trying to master gybing, I dont think you could find anything better.”

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RRD X-Fire LTD V4 – New Release

If slalom is your thing then the new X-Fire, straight out of the RRD factory doors, will feed your appetite. With Antoine Albeau fresh to the team and the shape produced by Finian Maynard and Aurelio Verdi, you can be sure that this racing, carving, speed machine will rock a few podiums this year. Over to the team that know this product the most, RRD…

The revolution is here! RRD has developed the most exciting and performance driven range of slalom boards to ever hit the windsurfing market. The all-new X-Fire V4 sets a new standard in slalom sailing with the introduction of the ‘TT Tail’ ( stands for TORO TAIL ), the next generation of design concepts that will take the world by storm. A comprehensive design and testing program has produced 5 all-new designs that will be the market reference in 2012. One look at these racing machines and you will agree!


The X-FIRE LTD V4 features:
• Fastest boards ever produced in windsurfing. Period.
• TT Tail creates unrivalled control and stability, simply an amazing feeling on the water.
• TT Tail cleverly releases the wetted surface area drag underneath the back foot.
• TT Tail makes these new boards machines accelerating away from the gybe mark.
• Increased wind range on all boards, especially the TT models. Better low and high-end
• New rail design = better gybing.
• Reduced volume and thickness in the nose = reduced weight and easier handling.
• Full-carbon laminations for the 114, 122 and 129. Super lightweight yet exceptionally
• Revised scoop-rocker lines for all boards.
• Maximum attention and accuracy for individually tailored bottom shapes for each new
• Revised cut-out designs for all boards (98, 105, 114, 122 & 129), giving increased
controllable lift with better acceleration.


Models 129-122-114 LTD V4:
EPS / Full PVC 3 mm top and bottom/Biaxial carbon 100 grams on deck/80 Grams UD 80 on
bottom / Custom made technology

Models 105-98-90 LTD V4:
EPS / Full PVC 3 mm top and bottom/ 80 Grams UD 80 on Deck + Glass / 160 Grams Glass
Bottom /Custom made technology

For even more specs then download the PDF by clicking HERE

To find your closest retailer, head to RRD UK importers


RRD Fire Storm Ltd



RRD Fire Storm Ltd

RRD introduce their sporty new FirRRD Fire Storm Ltde Storm Ltd Edition freeride board…

“Enthusiastically fast and fun”, the Fire Storm line is the latest addition to the RRD freeride family. Based on the scoop rockerline of the hugely successful X-Fire boards, the thinner volume configuration and narrower tail allow these designs to be highly competitive with burning acceleration after gybes, yet also fantastically comfortable freeriding machines. The real Gran Turismo line of windsurfing!

FEATURES: Each board has a different length and width to accommodate the appropriate balance of the average rigs you are going to use on them. A simple vee with double concave bottom, and a slight flat vee tail release, simplifies the water dynamics and creates a very effective, sharp feeling, compact and fast board in all conditions. Thick 8mm deck-pads with extra moulded grip smoothen up the ride. The Firestorm Limited Edition is equipped with a fast G-10 CNC RC 2 Maui Fin Company fin with a Powerbox base and superior DaKine Primo straps to complete the package. Available in 111, 120 and 138L with widths of 68, 72 and 77cm respectively.

TECHNOLOGY: EPS. Full PVC 3mm top and bottom. 80g UD 80 on deck and glass. 160g glass bottom. Custom Made technology.

Available from all good dealers – check for a full list of outlets, click for more…


RRD Twin Tip V2

Adam Sims on the RRD Twin Tip V2

Adam Sims on the RRD Twin Tip V2

Seasprite Sports introduce one of RRD’s highest selling ranges, the RRD Twin Tip V2 – which is seen as a reference freestyle board.

As the level of freestyle performance is redefining the word ‘windsurfing’, RRD’s custom factory has committed to redesigning two new progressive shapes that represent this change. The shapes are modern, compact, lightweight, easy to plane and pop in the blink of an eye. The new Twin Tip V2s are simply a new tool to express your desire to write a new page in freestyling, and they are a whole lot faster than their predecessors.

Shorter outlines on both boards compared to the previous versions, the 90 features a much narrower width compared to 88 lts V1. This reduced lengths allows the boards to be popped easier and then thrown around for double manouvers. Much thicker in the tail, the new twintips V2 are easier to plane and reach top speeds, an essential for new school manouvers. The new deck shape with their highly recessed area allows a better grip and control of the board while riding on choppy water.

RRD team rider Adam Sims said: “After 3 months of testing I can safely say the new board is like no other freestyle board on the market; it is fast, it pops high, it feels light under your feet, it carves well and it is controllable through sliding rotations, in chop and in the air. The major changes to the board have really made it very exciting but more important is that it is extremely current and fits in well with all the modern trends of the latest freestyle board; being shorter with sharper rails and a more radical outline. It is a huge step on from the classic TwinTip shape that RRD is famous for and an impressive step in the right direction.”

The range currently includes a 90 and a 100L model, each tooled up with MFC Powerbox Freestyle fins of the right length to slide to your heart’s content.

More details on . The Twin Tip V2 is available now from your nearest legendary RRD dealer, catch it if you can – check out for your list of retailers.


RRD 2012 Launch at West Wittering, Friday 2 September

Roberto Ricci

Roberto Ricci

Simon Bassett of WWWC / X-Train / 2XS has news of a very special guest due in West Sussex next Friday…

We are very pleased to announce that Roberto Ricci will coming coming to UK and will be visiting 2XS and X-train and he will be launching 2012 new RRD product at WWWC -West Wittering – the RRD EZZY test centre.

Roberto will have the new 2012 RRD Freestyle Waves, Contest Quad Wave, The New RRD Super SUP, and the new 2012 RRD Kites THE religion 2-New, Obsession Pro and Obsession MKV -RRD kite wave boards-the new 10 knots LTD.

Roberto will be on hand to answer any questions and will introduce the new RRD toys.

Neal Gent RRD 2XS team rider and Chris Rainbow, Roscoe Moore and James Crowe from 2XS and X-train will be on hand to help with any enquiries.

It will be at West Wittering Beach at the windsurf club WWWC .

The RRD launch will be on Friday 2nd September, starting at 4pm, BBQ 6pm, finish 7pm – we are providing free barbie and beers all you have to do is pay your car parking on the beach

Please let know if you would like to attend, or call the beach on 01243 513077


Roberto Ricci’s Aston Martin ‘Incident’

Our illustrious, globetrotting editor Dave White was sampling the delights of Italy last week with the eponymous Roberto Ricci of RRD. Never one to miss a joyride, Whitey jumped at the chance of a spin in Roberto’s Aston Martin … resulting in what Dave already rates among his “best crashes ever” (and he’s had a few!) Well, judge for yourself, as here’s the incident in all it’s car-wrecking glory…

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Dario Ojeda signs to RRD

Dario Ojeda at home at Pozo

Dario Ojeda at home at Pozo

RRD are proud to announce the Canarian waverider Dario Ojeda has officially joined the RRD International Team. Dario will ride RRD windsurfing and SUP boards and will be one of the riders to look at during this 2011 season. Dario is undoubtedly one of the most “Hard Core” waveriders in Pozo, so we’re sure he will bring RRD Hard Core Wave boards on the top stages of next wave competitions he will attend.

Dario said: ”I’m really stoked to have signed with the Italian company RRD boards for 2011, RRD has been in the scene for a long time with good experience in the shapes and doing good boards. I’m really confident with my new quiver and also really motivated for this year wave events where I hope to do a good work specially in the Canaries events”.

More at /

Dario and his new Cult Wave

Dario and his new RRD Hard Core

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RRD Wave Cult Contest Quad

Skyeboy on the RRD Cult Quad Contest in South Africa

Skyeboy on the RRD Cult Quad Contest in South Africa

Seasprite Sports introduce the highly acclaimed Wave Cult Quad in a Contest technology. This is the lightest yet toughest technology of construction a waveboard can be built.

The Wave Cults are for ”everyday conditions” all over the world. Sharp, instinctive and very sensitive to footsteering these boards will never let you down in the testing ‘Euro’ conditions you sail in and still they excel in ripping it up when the waves are going off. They have the widest range of use in RRD’s comprehensive wave collection. The QUAD fin set-up allows the boards to have looser bottom turns and very sharp precise top turns, alongside great control, grip and stonking upwind performance.

As RRD’s custom factory keeps making progress not only in terms of shapes and design but also in terms of new construction technologies, the reflections of these developments go directly into the production line. They have created a separate full custom scaled production line with only special materials used and a special finishing level, to produce the lightest and best performance wave boards in the market today.

The range now includes a new 100 litre size at 62cms wide, perfect for bigger riders or lighter winds. This adds to the 92, 83 and 75 litre rippers, the latter getting a great test in this fine mag. They now come equipped with New slot finboxes for the front fins and are tooled up with MFC fins.

More details on . The Wave Cult Contest Quad is available now from your nearest legendary RRD dealer, check out for your list of retailers.

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