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Sara Kellet Europe Road Trip Blog 2

The wind seemed to miraculously get up every evening around 6pm for a couple of hours on the water after lazy days in the remote beauty.

sb 1

However the waves were getting smaller and smaller so eventually we decided it was time to move on to Portugal.

Just a couple of hours drive down the coast was our first taste of Portuguese windsurfing. A spot called Moledo which felt very different to Spain- more built up, busier, hotter and windier! As the tide dropped, the chop started to form a few nice ramps and little waves, to accompany the very gusty 4m weather wind.

SB 2

The next day a big 14sec swell was arriving and it looked like Viana, just down the coast would be firing. It was! We spent a good few hours enjoying the starboard tack, down the line conditions with what seemed like most of Europe’s windsurfer’s and kiters. A great way to finish 8 days in a row windsurfing!

sb 3

We spent one night there, staying in a big carpark in a pine forest. But with no more wind, no water or toilets, and dogs not allowed on the beach, we decided to go back up to explore Galicia some more.

First we spent a few days at Carnota. A long sandy beach in a nature reserve, with a backdrop of mountainous forests and wind turbines.

sb 4

We had heard mixed reports as to whether windsurfing was allowed here, but there were plenty of sunbathers swimming and a couple of surfers so it seemed like no one takes notice of the old worn out sign. We didn’t windsurf but had a couple of almost solitary surf sessions instead.

sb 5

It looked like the wind was coming back but we were not quite sure where would be best. This led to a bit of a wild goose chase, checking out a few beaches up the coast. But eventually we found some world class conditions and it was all worth it. Near to where our Spanish windsurfing started at a beach called San Xurxo I sailed the biggest and cleanest down the line, starboard tack wave riding I have ever had! The big sets out back felt like giant walls coming towards you and there was no way I had the guts to try catch them. However some of the locals were properly going for it!

sb 6

The next day was slightly smaller but still a lot of fun. Dad broke a mast and perhaps I pushed myself a little too hard. I caught a wave and nosedived after a top turn in the critical section. My kit went one way with my foot in the footstrap and the rest of my body went the other way. I twisted around under the water and got my foot out but the damage had been done. After hobbling up the beach my ankle swelled up massively, so that evening we took a trip to the local hospital. After an x-ray, it was good news. No break just a bad sprain so they bandaged it up and told me to rest it for a few days then gradually start moving it again.

sb 8

So now I am just chilling out, and relaxing, waiting for my ankle to heal. It is hard when it’s windy and everyone is windsurfing. But with sunshine and blue seas I can hardly complain. It’s a chance to catch up on a bit of washing- It isn’t easy doing it all by hand!

sb 10