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28 Days – Video

Baptiste Latour and his friends travelled from Brittany to Portugal and Spain. They enjoyed their trip.

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Reasons? Are you kidding, you really need reasons? OK, well we’ll spell it out for you …

1. It’s warm: 300 days a year of sunshine
2. Wind: Loads of it. Thermal breeze in the med, reliable trades in the Canaries. Get to know your inner Poniente or Levante. (Google those.)
3. Beaches: Pick from exposed Atlantic beach breaks or calm, flat, freeride friendly coves and bays. Clean sand, clear water. What more do you want?
4. Food: Come on. An abundance of seafood, world famous cuisine or laid-back local tapas with a glass of local wine. It’s all good, everywhere. And good value too! (You can even get a good old fashioned full English breakfast …)
5. It’s close: You’ll have barely finished reading a copy of windsurf on the two-hour flight before you’re touching down on the mainland. For the Canaries you can read the mag and then spend the next two hours daydreaming about the technique section moves you’ll master on the trip.
6. Fun for everyone: We might be wind bores, but our nearest and dearest need more and Spain’s about as geared-up towards general tourist activities as you can get. You won’t know about that because you only care about wind and waves, which is fair enough. Now, Vamos!

Tarifa 2 (2)
Windsurfing in Tarifa
Tarifa is one of Europe’s most popular windsurfing destination often referred to as the “Wind Capital of Europe.” With its constant strong winds, over seven miles of white sandy beaches, a really cool vibe, short flights from the UK and three thousand hours of sunlight per year, it makes a great all year round destination.

Windsurfing put Tarifa on the map many years ago. Bring your own kit to make use of the different spots, or hire from one of the windsurfing centres based at Valdevaqueros (Las Dunas). Hiring a car is recommended to make the most of all the spots. There are two prevailing winds; the ‘Levante’ (Easterly), blows
cross-offshore creating flatter water conditions. The ‘Poniente’ blows cross on shore producing waves and is more predominant in Autumn and Spring.

Valdevaqueros is a popular windsurfing location (10 minutes from Tarifa). It has a large sweeping bay with a beautiful 5km sandy beach, meaning it’s a safer spot. This works really well in a Levante. Bump and jump conditions can be found further out to sea.

Los Lances stretches for 3 kms from Isla La Paloma. This is a great spot in a ‘Poniente’, which produces some waves to play on. Best not to go here in a Levante as the buildings make the wind a little gusty, when the wind is directly off shore. Windsurfing is restricted in July and August due to the swimmers/beach users.

The town beach (Playa Chica) sees some good waves, especially in the Winter and is popular with locals. Restricted use June to September. In the middle of the beach is a good spot after the Rio Jara (river Jara). There is a car park here and a beach bar. This is perfect for beginners as the water can be flatter.  July and August are extremely popular, the other months are better value and have superb conditions.

Tarifa Holidays: Apartment holidays in Tarifa 

Need accommodation in Tarifa? Check out the stylish Dos Mares apartment owned by Tarifa Holidays. Book your flight and choose your windsurf centre to suit you and tailor make your trip. Great place for families, couples or solo travelers.

• On the large balcony with wonderful views to the sea, pool and National Park.
• The apartment is perfectly situated in a quiet location just a few minutes away from the white sandy beach and cosmopolitan town of Tarifa.
• The apartment has two-bedrooms which sleeps 4 people comfortably.

• The Dos Mares apartment has complimentary WiFi.
• Outdoor pool and gardens.
• Secure off street private parking with a lockable store-room for kit.
• Satellite TV, DVD, surround sound, dishwasher, microwave, toaster, kettle, washing machine, large fridge/freezer.

Contact British couple Toby & Fi for local advice and more information: //

Rene Egli B72_by John Carter

Windsurfing & Kiteboarding World Cup 2014

Sotavento, Fuerteventura

René Egli is organizing the Windsurfing & Kiteboarding World Cup at the Playa Sotavento for the 29th consecutive time in 2014. Come join us watch the windsurfing & kiteboarding elite perform their spectacular moves on the water right in front of the René Egli Center from July 18 to August 2 to celebrate the new champions. There’s nowhere like the High Wind Spot in Fuerteventura for experiencing the stars up close and personal. Watch breathtaking manoeuvres and exciting races on the sea and enjoy delicious specialties from local restaurants, live music and an exciting programme for the whole family in the day marquee. Nightlife enthusiasts are sure to have a blast at the legendary World Cup party events.

Thanks to the enlargement of the windsurfing and kite- zones, there will be no impairment throughout the event – neither for René Egli customers nor for privates.


Flag Beach

Corralejo, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Season: All Year Round. Best time March-Nov.
Why Go?: Corralejo offers something for everyone
Wind Factor: The windiest season is the summer when a big high pressure stays over the Atlantic and a low over the Sahara.
Riding on offer: Corralejo offer good cross-shore (from the left) conditions from March/April through to Aug/Sept. Winter sees waves and summer more freeride conditions. Although Flag Beach suits intermediates/advanced, just 20 minutes drive away at El Cotillo theres an ideal lagoon for beginners.
Flight Factor: A 4 hour flight from mainland Europe
Where to Stay: A Variety of options available in Corralejo.
Tuition and Equipment: The Flag Beach Centre has a team of excellent multilingual, fully VDWS-qualified watersports instructors that offer a wide range of tuition, from beginner to advance. Equipment from Fanatic boards and North Sails.

Flat Day Fun: Fuerteventura offers a wide range of activities for non-windsurfers as it’s a major holiday destination.

Rene Egli

Sotavento, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Season: All year round.
Why Go?: The Rene Egli centre is located in the south of the island on one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.
Riding on offer: Beginners can practice in the sheltered, tidal lagoon, which is easy to reach with the René Egli lagoon shuttle. They can also surf on the open sea with plenty of space for intermediate and advanced riders.
Flight Factor: A 4 hour flight-time to the Fuerteventura airport. The centres are 45 minutes away.
Where to Stay: The 4 Star Hotel Meliã Gorriones invites its guests to unheard-of garden and pool scenery and offers first-class SPA areas for relaxing. Two excellent restaurants and an in-house pub is the perfect place to end the action-filled surfing day.
Tuition and Equipment: The rental package includes the latest equipment from our partners JP, Starboard and NeilPryde. Our licensed instructors always respond to the individuals needs to guarantee fun and progress for anyone.
Flat Day Fun: The use of Stand Up Paddling Boards is included free of charge. New this season, we offer beach sailing on the dry lagoon.


Tenerife Windsurf Solution (TWS)

Tenerife, Canary Islands

Season: All year round, more then 65% planing winds. Windiest months are June-September.
Why Go?: The small town has a very nice atmosphere and is not spoiled by mass tourism.
Wind Factor: Tradewind varies from 15 till 50 knots delivers more then 250 days of windsurfing each year.
Riding on offer: Mainly three spots;
South Bay: bump and jump, freeriding and slalom racing.
Harbour Wall: wave riding of all levels
El Cabezo: PWA waveriding spot, good for jumping.

Flight Factor: Just a 4 hours flight from the UK
Where to Stay: Various options for staying; from hostels, apartments to hotels. TWS offers a service for selecting a good place to stay.
Tuition and Equipment: The Tenerife Windsurf Solution offers more the 8 board- and 7 sailbrands suited for al winds. Lessons and clinics offered with top level pwa-riders.
Flat Day Fun: Mountain- and roadbiking, SUP, wavesurfing, Island tours and many more.



Sportif Canary Island Holidays
// UK Tour Operator, Sportif Travel, offer over 50 worldwide windsurfing holiday locations including 4 Canary Islands Resorts and 11 Mediterranean resorts.

Gran Canaria
Bahia Feliz

Season: Bahia Feliz year round.  Pozo, Vargars and Arinaga for waves May-October.
Why Go: Bahia Feliz is a self contained resort, ideal for Learn to windsurf or mixed ability groups plus SUP with windsurf centre on the spot.
Wind Factor: Sideshore from the left (NE trade winds & thermals). Often blasting at Pozo.
Riding on Offer: with flat water bay, shallow area, side shore wind and waves further out. High wind/wave excusions to Pozo & other spolts for advanced wave sailors 25km north.
Flight Factor:  Choice of 3 flights a week from regional UK airports. Duration 4 hours.
Where to Stay: Choice of self catering apartments & 3* Hotel with shared facilities.
Tuition & Equipment: Beginner, Intermediate, Advance & expert group or private lessons. Latest 2013/14 Fanatic Boards and North rigs including junior equipment.
Flat Day Fun: video clinic, volley ball, boogie boards, wave kayaks , mountain biking, SUP, surf boards, centre welcome drinks & excursions.

  Costa Teguise

Season: Year Round.
Why Go:  Buzzy, lively resort with sandy beach and many bars & restaurants in walking distance.  Picturesque, volcanic island with lots to see and do.
Wind Factor: Cross/Cross offshore from the left (NE trade winds)
Riding on Offer:  Sheltered training area for 100m ideal for beginners. Further out flat water, swell and waves ideal for freestyle. Swell/Waves from 0.5-3m with easy wave sailing.
Flight Factor: 4 flights per week from regional UK airports. Duration 4.5 hours.
Where to Stay: Choice of SC apartments & 3/4/5* Hotels 5-10 minutes walk to the beach.
Tuition & Equipment: Beginner, Intermediate, Advance & expert group or private lessons. Latest 2013/14 Fanatic Boards and North rigs including junior kit. Free use of surf boards & kayaks in bay.
Clinics: Fanatic Windsurf Clinics 4-9 June 2014 (Carve & Ride), 11-16 June 2014 (Jump & Freestyle), 11-26 June 2014 (All In One).
Flat Day Fun: Surfing and mountain biking courses and excursions, SUP with beach bar at the centre.


Season: Year Round.
Why Go: Long, sandy beaches with huge, shallow water lagoons at high tide, choice of budget to luxury hotels and centres on the spot. World Cup destinations suitable for all levels.
Wind Factor: Cross/Cross offshore from the left (NE Trade) with unique double venturi creates exceptional  winds.
Riding on Offer:  Tidal lagoons offer perfect conditions for leaning and progressing right on the beach next to the centres. Choice of sailing areas with zones for swimmers, windsurfers and kitesurfers.
Flight Factor: Twice weekly from regional UK airports. Duration 4 hours.
Where to Stay: Choice of SC apartments & 3/4/5* Hotels 5-10 minutes walk to the beach centres.
Tuition & Equipment: Beginner, Intermediate, Advance & expert group or private lessons. Latest 2013/14 Fanatic Boards and North rigs including junior kit.  Kids lessons (under 11 & teens).
Clinics: Simon Bornhoft Windwise week 5-12 July for intermediates +.
Flat Day Fun: Beach sailing, scuba diving, SUP, golf, tennis, squash, cycling, exploring local beaches & historic towns.

El Medano

Season: Year Round.
Why Go:  Wide, sandy bay with exceptional conditions for experienced windsurfers with centre offering the latest board for testing.
Wind Factor: Mainly thermals and trades, cross onshore from left.
Riding on Offer:  Sandy beach, slowly shelves into deep water with white water to 50m. Moderate shore break at spring tide. Swell and  waves from 0.8m to 2m with wind chop.
Flight Factor:  5 flights per week from regional UK airports. Duration 4 hours.
Where to Stay: Choice of SC apartments & 3/4/5* Hotels 5-10 minutes walk to the beach centres.
Tuition & Equipment: Tuition for all levels. Latest test equipment from leading manufacturers including Severn, Severne, Fanatic, F2, Starboard, Tabou, Nove Nove,  RRD, Quatro, Goya, JP, NeilPryde, Ezzy, Gaastra, North Sails. Every sail is rigged with the recommended carbon mast and AL360 full carbon booms. Test and rate different boards on the Centres own database.
Flat Day Fun: Surfing and SUP, road and mountain bikes, movie nights and dinners.

Sportif offer accommodation, flights, transfers & sports packages including pre-booked rental and instruction all ATOL guaranteed. Discounts for groups available.
Contact Details: // Tel: +44 (0)1273 844919 email:


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One Eye – that’s the name of the legendary wave in front of a reef surrounding the lagoon of Le Morne on Mauritius. It is one of the world’s fastest and cleanest windsurf waves, right in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

The first time I’d ever heard of One Eye, I didn’t even think that I would ever windsurf in a wave like that. It was a story about the Windsurf-Trilogy, a three-part, invitational event in the mid-90s, carried out in different wave spots all over the globe.

Story  Klaas Voget  // Photos Daniell Bohnhof

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Adam gavriel


A shortclip from Adam’s trip to fuerteventura in July.

Adam Gavriel ISR111.

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Get Out There

Not our normal posting but this video dropped and set alight our inspiration to scan the sky for a quick flight to… anywhere.

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A few weeks ago, Boujmaa Guilloul travelled to Mauritius to film for The Yard. And he scored! A couple of sessions at One Eye, the famously fast and dangerous left-hander and simply being in the water. Surfing, windsurfing and surfing again…

Boujmaa in Mauritius from boujmaa guilloul on Vimeo.

“This place is magic. I’ve been repeating this in my mind the whole time I’ve been here and it is the truth. I’ve been to places and few of them offered such quality of riding. Besides, the life outside the water is very interesting, nature-wise and human-wise. People are super nice and friendly, it’s the place that every single surfer, windsurfer and kitesurfer should visit at least once in a lifetime.”

Boujmaa Guilloul

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Tommy Friedl Pro Center

Warm water, a lot of wind, now the action can begin.

Season:Year Round. Best time Spring and Autumn.

Why Go?: Hurghada is the original Red Sea Resort for windsurfing holidays and now offers kitesurfing, diving & multi activity holidays. It’s still one of the best locations for learning to windsurf and kitesurf with flat water, lagoons and superb centres offering flexible packages. 

Wind Factor: Best wind March- June and August-October.

Riding on Offer: Hurghada is spread out over 30 kilometers and the variety of launch spots make this an excellent location for all levels. A shallow lagoon offers a safe area with no drifting to make the first steps. More experienced windsurfers can start from the beach where the wind blows side onshore from the left with access to a large shallow area that is ideal to practice waterstart, gybes and other manoeuvers. This is a dream spot for freestylers. On high wind days you can find moderate 1m waves out to sea. 

Flight Factor: 5 hour flight time from the UK.

Where to Stay: There are a few 3 & 4* resorts in which are in walking distance from the kite centre and spot, but there are lots of options in Hurghada.

Local Centres, Tuition and Equipment: The ProCenter Tommy Friedl is located at one of the most ideal spots for windsurfing in the Red Sea. A saltwater lake prepares the beginners for their first tacks. The beach in front of the centre has a soft sandy beach leading into the surfers lagoon, with the first 200m hip deep. Waterstart-students will enjoy the easy learning, while surfers on the outside can enjoy the open sea with little ramps, which can invite for the first jumps. > Freestylers will like the bump and jump conditions. The centre is changing his rental fleet annually to the latest models of JP Australia and Neilpryde.

Flat Day Fun: Hurghada is a busy resort and offers a great range of activities and entertainment. The Tommy Friedl ProCenter offers a range of additional activities including yoga, volleyball, wakeboarding, stand up paddling and quad bike safaris in the desert, go-carting and trips to the Titanic Aqua Park. The best of Egyptian cultural excursions – Luxor and the Valley of the Kings are offered as a day trip. Surfers meet at the Alohabar at the ProCenter Tommy Friedl.

Local Contacts

Tommy Friedl ProCenter


Planet Windsurf Holidays
+44 (0)1273 921 001

Sportif Travel
+44 (0)1273 844919
International bookings welcome

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Season:All year round. Best time May to November.

Why Go?: Mauritius is an Indian Ocean paradise island offering one of the widest range of conditions in one spot.  The UNESCO World Heritage site of Le Morne  in the south west of the island has idyllic sandy beaches, shallow turquoise water and  one of the most spectacular backdrops for a windsurfing holiday,

Wind Factor: The southeast trade winds blow for over 300 days a year above Force 4, strongest from May to November and usually side-shore from the left. Warm water between 22°C and 27°C.

Riding on Offer: Le Morne has a full range of easily accessible flat water and wave conditions that suit all levels.  The offshore reef is just 600m off the beach with ‘Little Reef’ perfect for wave beginners and ‘Manawa’ for the more experienced. In the lagoon there are flat water conditions ideal for slalom, gybing and freestyle.  In the right conditions, there are some World Class wave breaks at ‘One Eye’, which is for experts only.

Where to Stay: The newly refurbished 3*+ Indian Resort & Spa has direct access to the lagoon and wave spots from its long beach. For luxury choose the 5* LUX Le Morne Hotel with kids club, the brand new deluxe St Regis Mauritius with butler service or the Paradis with 18 hole golf centre. All are based at Le Morne.

Flight Factor: Direct flights from Heathrow and Gatwick with British Airways and Air Mauritius 5 times a week take just under 12 hours.

Local Centre: Club Mistral centre is based on the beach, in the grounds of the Indian Resort. They have 70 current and brand new 2014 Fanatic boards & 90 North rigs with 100/75% carbon masts and junior rigs from 1.0 -4.5m². The centre offers windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing and SUP group and private lessons with discounts for combination rental and instruction packages. 2 boats provide safety cover.

Flat Day Fun: SUP, surfing, snorkelling, diving, fishing , shop at the markets in the capital Port Louis or trek up the Brabant Le Morne.


Sportif Travel
+44 (0)1273 844919
International bookings welcome

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“Leave” Cape Town 2014 – Video

Jens Meurer travelled to South Africa to windsurf and to work for Amandla, a non profit organization and he returned with a nice movie.

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Today we are beginning the wildest windsurfing adventure INtuition guests have ever seen-  W.IN.D Brazil 500!!!!!! 

14 riders windsurfing 500 kilometres downwind along the Brazilian coast over the next 6 days.

Please follow our progress with this live online tracker 4pm GMT/ London time Nov 10.

Please see photo updates and news at Guy Cribb Windsurfing INtuition on Facebook

Viva INtuition guests… GC


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