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Ocean Elements staff 2 Featured


Ocean Elements are recruiting for bar and restaurant staff at their flagship windsurfing hotel in Vassiliki!

This is the perfect opportunity for someone to work in one of Europe’s most famous windsurfing locations.

Ocean Elements staff 1 480px

Shifts will vary on a rota basis, however there will be loads of time throughout the week to go for a windsurf, sail or mountain bike ride. At Ocean Elements use of all the equipment and time on the water is not only part of your employment package but actively encouraged!

Hospitality experience is desirable but not essential, as it is more important that you are enthusiastic, willing to learn new skills and work in a team environment.

Find out more about Ocean Elements here:

For more information about the role please email or call the UK office on 020 3393 4233 (option 3 for HR and recruitment)


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Sportif have announced three new hotels in Essaouira, Morocco. All three have prime locations just meters off the beach. The hotels are all within walking distance of the beach, the windsurf centre and the medina.

Villa Quieta Was a luxurious private Moroccan Villa, now converted to a boutique hotel. Featuring 11 spacious rooms, including three larger suites, the villa has a lush garden and a swimming pool with a private walled garden for relaxation and just a 5 minute walk to the windsurf centre.

Ocean Vagabond is a boutique style guest house featuring 14 rooms. The guest house has a restaurant, African bar, library, pool and a wellness centre and is a short walk to the many bars and restaurants of the medina.

Villa de l’Ô is a luxurious boutique hotel. This beautiful hotel is situated on the edge of the medina, with stunning views overlooking the beach and surf area. The hotel features a 24 hour reception, a restaurant, a bar and a SPA.

Windsurfing in Essaouira is available all year round. The Essaouira windsurfing centre is located in the middle of a long curved sandy bay (4 km long), on the west coast of Morocco. It is flat to choppy waters with waves and slight shore break. Essaouira is ideal for beginners. There are wave excursions available for experts. There are also multisport options available, with discounts for kitesurfing/
windsurfing/surfing/SUP combos.  The Joker Package gives you one week of daily lessons and rental for £ 299 pp.

Culture in Essaouira comes in plenty. Whether it is markets, shopping, local handcrafts, relaxing Turkish bath or one of the many restaurants, Essaouira will not leave you disappointed. Why not combine with a twin centre stay in Marrakesh with Sportif offering new boutique hotels here as well.

Sportif have introductory hotel offers on their website saving you £100 pp. For full details, call on 01273 844919 or visit



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A trip to Klein Curacao

A few good friends from Curacao travelled to the neighboring island of Klein Curacao and enjoyed the great windsurfing conditions there.

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A trip to Klein Curacao

A few good friends from Curacao travelled to the neighboring island of Klein Curacao and enjoyed the great windsurfing conditions there.

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Waveriding at Pungarehu, Taranaki, New Zealand

Christophe Massa was riding beautiful waves in clean down the line conditions at Pungrehu, Taranaki.

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Woife Strasser in Sardinia

Wolfgang "Woife" Strasser spent 2 months on Sardinia, had 45 nice windy days and lived his life at 100%.

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Iballa Moreno, Nicolo Boronat & Stephane Etienne at Dakhla

Iballa Ruano Moreno, Nicolo Boronat and Stephane Etienne travelled to Dakhla in the Western Sahara in January 2015. Watch their cool waveriding clip!

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Sarah Q 3


Ok ok we know, last issue we raised the flag for Britian, nowhere quite like home and tea and biscuits by the electric 2 bar fire but remember we are a nation of explorers. Ranulph Fiennes, Francis Drake and ..umm Judith Chalmers ? So join us over the next 12 pages as we shake off our booties, go wild on the duty free and show you some of the top spots to knot your hankie in and feel the warm winds blow with our passport friendly travel guide.

Words Sarah Quita // 

Photos John Carter & Julian Robinet

Sarah Q 2 B&W

And who better to start us on our sojourn than the First lady of Freestyle, Sarah Quita. Sarah is one of those rare once in a generation talents that can do it all, even better she does it all with a smile. One of the most effervescent and upbeat characters on tour, she is currently the only sailor competitive across the PWA Freestyle, Slalom and Wave fleets. Hailing from Aruba and combining all three World Tours whilst at University in Holland it’s safe to say she has a few hundred thousand frequent flyer miles to add to her 7 world titles. So fasten your seat belt as we talk training, titles and travel with windsurfing’s Caribbean Queen.

Coming from a small island in the Caribbean you have to travel a lot to compete. Do you still enjoy travelling after all these years?
Yes I still love travelling. Carrying all of those board-bags is definitely a hassle. But in the end when you make it to your destination, share the windsurfing passion with friends, meet new people, and experience another culture, it’s all worth it to me.

What advice can you give to our readers regarding travelling with excess baggage ?
Sometimes I take an extra (light) board bag with me in case they say my bags are too heavy. But most important of all: keep calm at check-in and always smile. Don’t have any loose pieces (extensions, fins, harness) in your board bags unless you secure them in towels or rash vests etc. Make everything as tight as possible so nothing moves and damages the board. To minimize excess charges your bags should be as light as possible so try and put loose parts in your luggage. If all else fails make, sure to distract the check in person when they’re weighing your bag! ha ha.

Which airlines do you recommend for travelling with boards and which ones are on your black list?
If I name my blacklist here then they might put me on theirs! ha ha. I love Turkish Airlines. They’re always easy with the bags and the service on board is great. KLM also has good service on board but getting your bags through check in is quite a nightmare and expensive.

Where do you train to prepare for the PWA ?
For the past three years I’ve been in Lanzarote, Tenerife, Jericoacoara, Aruba and Cape Town to practice. Freestyle you can really train anywhere but I think at the moment the best place to practice is Bonaire. The conditions are so easy, but more so it’s because of all the talented sailors there that push each other’s level on the water. This year I will travel to more wave destinations as I’m also moving towards wave sailing. It’s such a fun discipline, and if I get good enough I will give winning the PWA world title a shot as well! I’m also really looking forward to the Starboard photo shoot in Maui This is one of my favourite times of the year because it’s a week that is all about bonding with the rest of the team and having fun on the water together. That’s what windsurfing is all about to me.

When you make it to your destination, share the windsurfing passion with friends, meet new people, and experience another culture, it’s all worth it ’’ 

What boards do you normally travel with ?
For freestyle, usually my Starboard Flare 91L, it’s really fast and great in manoeuvres. In waves I’ve been using the NuEvo 73L and the Kode Wave 77L. I like both but prefer the Kode in smaller waves because it feels faster on the water. The NuEvo is amazing for carving.

It might surprise some people to learn alongside your windsurfing you have been until recently a full time student
Yes that’s why I had to miss out on most slalom competitions and could only compete in the summer for the past few years. Last April, after 3.5 years of studying I earned my bachelor’s degree in science and innovation management. For the moment I’m going to take some time off from university and focus more on windsurfing and travelling, but I think it’s important to pursue a master’s degree as well in the future.

You’ve balanced studying with travelling and competing what are your tips for being organised ?
If I can be very honest, and if you’d ask anybody who knows me I’m not the most organized person. At least.. I don’t plan very far ahead of time. But give me a short term deadline and I’ll get things done. I didn’t windsurf much when I was in Holland. At a certain point I was just too busy with studies. I basically studied for 10 weeks and then had 10 days off. I would always book my ticket about 4-5 days before my time off depending on where there was wind. So I’d travel about 4 times a year and then just compete. So actually I wouldn’t be very prepared before a competition. This is quite hard as my confidence level would be quite low but at the same time I would also have this “ I don’t have anything to lose so I’m going to give it my all” mindset which can be an advantage too.

What are your best and worst travel experiences ?
Until I was 18, I would always be accompanied by at least one of my parents (because I was underage and mostly afraid of flying). The first time I had to travel by myself back home from the Canaries, I managed to misread my departure hour and arrived at the airport too late and missed my flight. I burst into tears and the world ended for me then and there. Luckily my brother was there and could still think clearly. He straight away went and bought another ticket so I could still make my connecting flight. 1 hour and  700 euro’s later I was off on my first trip alone. Going to Sylt this year I was planning on arriving one day before registration. A few days after I booked flights we received notice that we would compete on this day if conditions allowed. As long as I would make all my flights I would get there on time. Murphy’s law though, my flight to Amsterdam got cancelled.  Next flight was 22 hours later, so naturally I would miss my first connecting flight to Hamburg. I rebooked but when I got to Amsterdam it took ages to get the baggage so I missed that flight too. At this point I would do anything to get to Sylt on time so I bought my 3rd ticket to Hamburg, which happened to be first class. Sitting in first class made me forget my stress for 1 hour. Running so late, Olaf from Sail Loft Hamburg saved me from having to struggle on the train and drove me to Sylt in 3 hours flat. Although they had started to run the event, everything was looking good and I’d be just in time or so I thought. Just as we arrived I got a text saying that I’d missed my heat. pfff all that expense and effort for nothing. As it turned out there was no more wind for 10 days and so  the result wouldn’t count anyway thankfully.

My best travel experiences are the places where I meet new friends that by the end of the trip, feel like family.

Sarah Q 8

What are your must have travel essentials – what you can’t leave home without

> Music is my travel essential. My iPod and recently a Bose speaker I bought so I can amplify my music anywhere I go
> My diary so I can write down my travelling adventures
> My Camera

Top 3 travel destinations and why ?

I have to go back to Cape town or explore more of South Africa. I had some great windsurfing there but besides that I was captured by the surroundings; this huge table mountain, Kirstenbosch, The wineries. just a half an hour drive and you are in such a different place. Such a melting pot of people, nationalities and cultures. So much to do. Cape town is magical!

- I love going to Alaçati, Turkey. The culture is so different to what I’m used to. The locals are so friendly and open the food is great and windsurfing when it’s windy is fuuuun! But I’ve only seen a bit of this country and I’d love to go and visit more and less westernised parts of it.

- Jericoacoara, Brazil. Again the windsurfing is great everything is so laid back and everything is about having fun in the sun there. The music is great and apart from Jeri there are many lagoons and other spots nearby you can visit.

What advice would you have for young up-and-coming freestylers who are hoping to reach your level some day?
Winning world  titles is really cool but my focus is more on raising the level. For me it’s all about progress and enjoying the sport in all its diversity. I would advise them to not give up practicing because the moment you land that move you’ve been practicing for so long, is really worth it! Just have fun on the water and enjoy the crashes as much as the landed moves. Because actually the crashes make for the best stories.

Windsurf’s Top 3 Travel Tips…

1   Carry on - maximise your carry on, most international airlines allow 2 pieces, the less you check in the less you pay – simples
2   Don’t pack it - Remember you’re going windsurfing not modelling. Keep non essentials to a minimum – toiletries and extra clothes you can buy when you get there – every kilo counts !
3   Roof rack straps – a decent extra long set of straps is a must – need a lift with your gear from that dodgy taxi or find the hire car is half the size you booked – a good set of straps will get you out of Dodge faster than you can say ‘Bonjour Señor mi name Del Boy’

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WS Village5-Featured



Porto Pollo – Sardinia

Windsurfing and Kiteboarding Holidays.

The Windsurf Village Apartments and the MB Pro Center will open the 2015 season on March 28th.

Porto Porto is one of the most amazing Windsurfing & Kiteboarding spot in the Mediterranean sea – “the Caribbean of Europe..”  Beautiful Beaches, no contamination and not over crowded as most other places. Porto Pollo is situated near the small town of Palau in the north, only one hour drive from the Airport Olbia. You will find best conditions for expert and average Windsurfers & Kiteboarders.


WS Village3-480px


Windsurf Village – Apartments
The Windsurf Village Beach Apartments are near the beach above the “MB-Pro Center – the Windsurfing & Kitboarding Center which is managed by the Dutchman Michiel Bouwmeester. The windsurf Village offers accommodation in beautiful apartment in Puablo-Sardinian style with easy parking directly in front of the apartment. Several apartments are overviewing the Windsurfing Bay/spot. Windsurf Village clients have a special discount in the Windsurfing & Kite Center which you find at only 200 meter distance.. You cannot stay closer to the beach…!  On walking distance you will find a small supermarket for fresh bread and the main food.


WS Village6-480px


The MB-Pro Center Team has all you need to spend your dream holiday for Windsurfing and kiteboarding at Porto Pollo. The Pro Center offers 220 brand new RRD boards with the newest Neil Pryde and RRD rigs in all sizes and a large selection of kids and Kiteboarding gear. Several SUP boards and sea kayaks are available free of charge in combination with weekly rental package deals. Sun beds for the whole family are complementary during low season. Training at all levels is under the expert supervision of the international team of instructors. The white sandy beach around Pro-Center is bordered by crystal clear water and is ideal for learning as well as for leisure and relaxation. If you wish to come with your family and want to enjoy Kite or Windsurfing without worrying about your kids, we offer free supervision. Facilities at Pro-Center include: WiFi access, The TIKI-beach bar and a restaurant. Don’t miss happy hour in the beach bar and in the weekly BBQ and beach party.


WS Village7-480px


Even the Kids (4-14 years) can enjoy the thrills of windsurfing.  Especially designed equipment will be available even for the 4 years old..:) The Pro Center give weekly lessons for any level


Sardinia can be reached by ferry or plane. If you arrive by ferry it has the advantage that you are mobile on the island. For arrivals by plane – only 1.5 hour flight ..!): The Alghero airport (2 hour drive to Porto Pollo) in the west of the island is served by Ryan Air. To fly to Olbia (1 hour drive to Porto Pollo) you fly the best with Easy Jet. Rental cars can be found at the airport. You should book the rental car in advance as the prices are usually lower.



Windsurf Village – Apartments
Loc. Porto Pollo 1 07020 Palau (OT) Italia – Sardegna
Tel. + 39 0789.704075

MB-Pro Center
Michiel Bouwmeester
Tel ++39.0789.704206
Skype: procentersardegna

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WS Coaching 1-Featured


Windsurf Coaching have some exciting and different trips planned for 2015 including new “on the forecast” 3 to 4 day clinics in Tenerife; How this works is you send them your email, they put you on a data base, and you chose two weeks where you can get the Friday and Monday off work over two weekends, whichever is forecasted as the windiest weekend is when they run the clinic!

Sardina trips will have a 2 to 3 day trip in the middle of the week on two yachts with all of the kit to explore, Sups Surfing, Windsurfing, Sailing, Snorkelling.

New stop in Brouwersdam, Holland a Famous lake and with special guest European freestyle champ Davy Scheffers.

NWF and WSC will be doing a UK tour for 2 months, stopping off at all of the popular UK  local beaches.


WS Coaching 2-480px


Coaching Dates for 2015  

Tenerife: 10th – 12th April / 17th – 19th  April (3 day clinic on the forecast over a long weekend)

Austria PWA: 24th April – 3rd May

Porto Pollo, Sardinia:
Week 1- May 9th – 16th  – Advance / Intermediate
Week 2-  May 17th – 24th – Advance/Intermediate

Tenerife: 10th June – 10th Aug (4 day on the forecast Clinics please email to join the data base )

Brouwersdam, Holland: 22nd -23rd August – Freestyle / Advance

UK Tour:  September – October (see website for dates )

Jericoacoara, Brazil: 8th – 15th November-  Intro to waves

Jericoacoara, Brazil: 6th – 13th December – Intro to waves


For more information on the clinics and booking visit the Windsurf Coaching website




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