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I had a quick look at the forecast which showed 18-25 knots westerly on Sat, not your normal epic conditions but nevertheless could be fun, so I thought why not! 

I arrived at 08.30 at West Kirby car park, which was breezy so that was a good start, after the normal standing around chatting I rigged Point-7 ac1 6.3m and my Starboard Isonic w49 with x45 fin. The sun was shining and it was warm, well warm for Kirby 14 degrees.



No massive speed but had a blast, the lake was rammed loads of windsurfers and even some dragon board racers from the local Sailing Club, which made the runs down the wall a bit tricky at times as people came from all angles.  

Matt york

I didn’t quite break 40 knots this time (39.??) however, great practice for when its proper windy and lost my hat by the end of the day too.