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Thunderous Thursday – Speed Edition

Huge storms swept over the northern part of Europe during the middle of last week and without much end in sight it looks like they will keep on rolling in during the coming week. So now is definitely the time to get those early Christmas presents out or if you are still in need of […]

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Steve And The Storm

Windsurfers are a pretty adventurous lot and not afraid to go chasing off after storms seeking those magic conditions. But it does not always go to plan, but it does usually make a good story, this one is from Steve … Continue reading

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UK Speedsailor Tristan Haskins, weighing just 70 kg, has clocked some impressive speeds recently after putting in some serious practise and work on his equipment setups with a PB 1-hr record and membership of the 40-knot club. You can read and view a clip about his recent achievements at the Tushingham website!

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Off to West Kirby for what turned out to be a classic day trip. Not the pure off the wind, neck breaking, speed session that we love at West Kirby, but a day to savour and enjoy all my toys….

Started on the Starboard iSonic Speed Carbon W44 with a Tushingham X15 5.8 and 5.2 – experimenting with spacers, outhaul, downhaul etc. Whatever I did, I was just hovering around 37 knots run after run after run, with 10s average of 36.6 knots. Once I realised the wind was too light (25 knots) and a bit too square for mega speeds I decided to put in some gybe practice.


ONE HOUR, and 49 gybes later… I’d managed an average of 18.6 knots without stopping. Shame I hadn’t put the 5.8 on, but by this time I’d been sailing for 5 hours and I was pretty well knackered…. With the Starboard iSonic 87 and the Tushingham X15 5.2 it was “easy cruising” to 2nd place on the West Kirby ALL TIME 1 HOUR RECORD.

Gybe track

1 hour stats

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What does 44 knots at West Kirby feel like?

Ever wondered what 44 knots actually feels and looks like? Recent signing Steve Thorp takes us down the wall at West Kirby (UK) with his harness mount during one of his runs which had a top peak speed of over … Continue reading

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Top News This Week

One of the first videos to hit our screen’s this week was this little offering from Ben Proffitt and friends; the return of Proffitt’s Training Diaries was a very welcomed one and we cannot wait for the next installment! The next video cam from a little closer to home, as SWA freestyler Ollie Acton took to the water in Hayling…and it didn’t end well. That of course reminds us that it is the Plymouth and Exeter SWA wave event this weekend too, good luck to all those attending; we’re sure it will be a raucous affair!

More action at home came from West Kirby last weekend, where some incredible speeds were notched up by some of the UK’s, Ireland’s and Holland’s finest, check out the gallery here and a video from Ant Baker here. 

This week also saw the launch of a great new APP from Puravida Boardriders, making searching the latest info on their windsurfing equipment a lot easier.

And our final highlight for this week is to remind you that entry for the amazing Defi Wind is now open, all the info is here and we look forward to seeing a lot of Brits taking on the event this year!

Until next week….

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Speed catch up

I looked at all my tracks on GPS-RESULTS and my top speeds where all running at about 125 degrees to the wind..  big bear offs in to the middle of the lake where the chop then kills the speed. The wall – and the flat water –  was running at 100 to 110 degrees to the wind, very square really. I am putting the disappointing speeds down to 2 things… Moo Board not getting loose on the square coarse and Moo Swept back Assy fin not giving me enough lift on the square sections. My Moo set up is fantastic for those perfect broad days, but maybe not so good on the squarer days. X15 felt great – well powered up, but I just couldn’t transfer that power to speed. Still not had a PROPER session on the Moo board. So ?? What to do ??

I’m doing three things.

1)      Getting myself some mXr UFO fins. Delta wing shape – had a go on one on Monday on a Falcon 45. Brilliant fin. Great grip, plenty of low speed lift – then BAMMM!

2)      Maybe get hold of a Starboard iSonic W44 Carbon

3)      Next time it’s square (less than 110 degrees offwind) I will try a regular mast – not the speed tip (or maybe just tighten the outhaul a tad to totally + 1cm or so beyond neutral – as opposed to neutral / negative 1cm to 3cm).

That’s all for now, fingers crossed for higher speeds next time! Image credit Oisin van Gelderen


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Video: Ant Baker at West Kirby

First Boards shared a great gallery from the 4th of Feb speed sessions at West Kirby, now you can check out this video from the day from North Sails/Fanatic rider Ant Baker…looks like he had an early start!

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Gallery: West Kirby Speed

Yesterday, Boards reported there had been some top speeds clocked up at West Kirby this weekend and now we have a gallery from the day showing many of those taking on the wall including Ant Baker, Martin van Meurs, Steve Thorp, Oisin van Gelderen and more! From what we hear it was a tough, tight course which makes the 500m speeds especially even more impressive. Fingers crossed there’s another day like this soon, even looks like the sun came out to play too!

Image credits Oisin van Gelderen.

Jim Crossley Jon White Gildas Bechet Stephen Lawless Stephen Lawless Michael George Gildas Bechet Gildas Bechet Martin van Meurs Ant Baker Pete Young Ant Baker Jon White Pete Davis Michael George Pete Davis Andy Holland Matthew York Michael George Pete Davis Pete Davis Jim Crossley Stephen Lawless Ant Baker Stuart Trunkfield Martin van Meurs Martin van Meurs Jim Crossley Jim Crossley Jon White Gildas Bechet Mark Hayford?? Stephen Lawless Martin van Meurs Trsitan Haskins Martin van Meurs Martin van Meurs Martin van Meurs Martin van Meurs Gildas Bechet 40-Steve Thorp and Izzy Steve 'The Thorpedo' Thorp Steve 'The Thorpedo' Thorp Oisin van Gelderen Oisin van Gelderen start


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Christmas Eve at West Kirby

All wrapped up!
Spock 1
Spock 2
Spock 3

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